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the update

Aloha everyone!!  It feels like I've been missing. I have been so busy lately. Which is a good thing for me.  So what have I been doing lately?  Selling everything I own, babysitting and making truly delicious meals for my honey.

Selling everything has been quite an adventure.
I feel like I'm completely drained sometimes. It's amazing how many things we have.
 I can't believe the amount of items one girl can accumulate in one year.
And I am very, very good at throwing things away, so that's saying something.
We have sold many things but a few random odds and ends left.

Babysitting has been going well. Honestly.
I love the kids I get to watch; three month old Chloe and three year old Jack. It's a lot of work and I only have them for a few hours. Chloe is at the learning how to smile age so it's funny to watch the "stink" faces she makes when she's happy. Jack is very into super heroes so it's almost like spending time nephew Bubba.
Except Mala…

so the other night..

So the other night, I was staring down Chris' throat.. no, not in a romantic type way (if that can even be romantic)..  Anyway, I saw something large and white in his tonsils.  Now having had mine removed due to strep and inflammation, I didn't think this was the case. But who am I to call the shots? I knew something was off though. So I kept looking.  WebMD had some explanations.. tonsil stones. Chris has tonsil stones. I for one have never heard of this but it's pretty much like strep minus the pain. You get nasty white.. never mind I won't get too detailed. It's not contagious or really, serious. It said many people just try to poke them out and that's all. Oh and really bad breath. Like really, really bad.  What did we do Friday night?   I pretended to be an ENT Doctor and poked white balls out of Chris' tonsils.  It was pretty nasty.  I know, sick, but I just had to get them out, the bad breath thing was gettin' old.  Then I gagged. I know pretty gross.. so…

eleven, eleven, eleven.

eleven reasons why i love you Caca 1: you make me feel wanted and needed.  2: you always hold my hand in public 3: you can make me laugh so hard i cry 4: you study hard so you can provide for me  5: you taught me how to laugh at myself 6: you can't talk to me with out making retarded faces 7: you do the dishes 8: you are always willing to rub my feet 9: you take me on surprise dates 10: you get the roaches for me 11: you let me push you away after we are done cuddling
Chris thanks for being my best friend. I love you so much.  Geeka


Last week we celebrated the birth of one of my favorite little guys' ever. Mr. Ronan turned one.  Now, out here in the Polynesian culture, the first birthday is a huge deal. I think of it as the Hawaiian Quinceanera for a one year old. The parties can get kinda crazy. Luckily Ashley made this party one to never forget but not over the top. (Good job Ash) It was so fun to watch Ronan react to all of the people staring at him.  We had a cute and colorful ice cream party.  (The pictures were of Ronan from newborn to 12 months, way cute)  These pictures do not do this party's justice but that's all I've got.  Huge cupcake for Ronan to dig into.

 I love this face.. haha 
 Poor guy didn't know what to do. haha 

Boy, do we love this family. Thanks for the awesome party!! :) Happy Birthday Ronan! 


Ahhh. I'm so sick of being an emotional mess.  Why is it that I can cry at the drop of a hat.. or before? Seriously.  I cry about anything and everything.  Happy things, sad things, funny things.. everything.  It's not that time of month (not even close) and I'm not pregnant.  So what's my problem?  Anyone?

getting there

I know I keep talking about how excited I am to get out of here and onto the next place.. so here is another one.  Today I am excited because I have seen so many creative, cute ideas for decorating a home. Now, although I sometimes wish we had a home of our own, we will not. Just a small apartment, but that doesn't mean I can't make it pretty.  Here are some of my ideas. :)  Living room:  This first one is my favorite. I haven't quite come up with a name for my style. Colorful, bright, mismatched.. 

Kid bedroom: I found some of the cutest ideas

The Nursery: The first is my absolute favorite!
the ceiling    the sail boat mobile 


Master Bedroom:
A very large shower.. 
Other things:

halloween party

This Halloween Chris and I threw a party with the help of many friends.  We had so much fun but I can say that it is definitely different to attend a party and then to throw one. 
I have been planning this party since the 4th of July so I was going to make sure it was good.  And it was. 
I was busy all day stressing, cooking, crafting, taping, sweating and cutting.  I made lil' mummies.  (I didn't get a picture of everything)
Apple Smiles (thanks conor)
Fruit Cups (thanks steph)
Pina Colada Punch  (No, mine did not look that cool)
Yummy cupcakes (thanks ash)

Caramel Apples (covered in Butterfinger)
And Dirt Cups
We ate, played games and enjoyed each others company. The costumes were great! Conor & Jane
James, Ashley & Ronan
 Chris & I 
 Jared & Kaitlin  Jared
 Tyler, Lauren and sweet Tayden
 Super Steph, the Doc and Pregnant Princess Leia
 The gang