Last week we celebrated the birth of one of my favorite little guys' ever. Mr. Ronan turned one. 
Now, out here in the Polynesian culture, the first birthday is a huge deal. I think of it as the Hawaiian Quinceanera for a one year old. The parties can get kinda crazy. Luckily Ashley made this party one to never forget but not over the top. (Good job Ash)
It was so fun to watch Ronan react to all of the people staring at him. 
We had a cute and colorful ice cream party. 
(The pictures were of Ronan from newborn to 12 months, way cute)
 These pictures do not do this party's justice but that's all I've got. 
Huge cupcake for Ronan to dig into.

 I love this face.. haha 

 Poor guy didn't know what to do. haha 

Boy, do we love this family. Thanks for the awesome party!! :) Happy Birthday Ronan! 


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