so the other night..

So the other night, I was staring down Chris' throat.. no, not in a romantic type way (if that can even be romantic).. 
Anyway, I saw something large and white in his tonsils. 
Now having had mine removed due to strep and inflammation, I didn't think this was the case. But who am I to call the shots? I knew something was off though. So I kept looking. 
WebMD had some explanations.. tonsil stones. Chris has tonsil stones. I for one have never heard of this but it's pretty much like strep minus the pain. You get nasty white.. never mind I won't get too detailed. It's not contagious or really, serious. It said many people just try to poke them out and that's all. Oh and really bad breath. Like really, really bad. 
What did we do Friday night? 
 I pretended to be an ENT Doctor and poked white balls out of Chris' tonsils. 
It was pretty nasty. 
I know, sick, but I just had to get them out, the bad breath thing was gettin' old. 
Then I gagged.
I know pretty gross.. sorry. Life right? 


  1. Awe, marriage...
    That's worse than when monkeys pick the lice off each other and eat them! At least you didn't EAT them, right? Made me laugh!!!!


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