the update

Aloha everyone!! 
It feels like I've been missing. I have been so busy lately. Which is a good thing for me. 
So what have I been doing lately? 
Selling everything I own, babysitting and making truly delicious meals for my honey.

Selling everything has been quite an adventure.
I feel like I'm completely drained sometimes. It's amazing how many things we have.
 I can't believe the amount of items one girl can accumulate in one year.
And I am very, very good at throwing things away, so that's saying something.
We have sold many things but a few random odds and ends left.

Babysitting has been going well. Honestly.
I love the kids I get to watch; three month old Chloe and three year old Jack. It's a lot of work and I only have them for a few hours. Chloe is at the learning how to smile age so it's funny to watch the "stink" faces she makes when she's happy. Jack is very into super heroes so it's almost like spending time nephew Bubba.
Except Malachi can say Wolverine.. Jack says "Volvering".

Making delicious meals has never interested me until lately. My mom tried and tried but I was not excited to learn when I lived at home. I'm not sure where this new interest came from but Chris loves it. Probably just me feeling guilty that Chris has been making his own dinners since we were married.  It's only been a year.
Anyway I have been making everything from coconut chicken to cheddar broccoli soup. I know, soup? Yes.. it's been chilly. P.S. Hawaii turns you into the biggest pansy when it comes to weather.

I found a couple pictures that make me happy so I wanted to share.
Halloween costume from UP! I adore it!

Thanksgiving dinner.
We had the Townsend's, the Wares, the Riley's, the Bishoff's, and the Rappleye's over for dinner. We had so much fun. It was stress and drama free, just the kind of dinner parties I love.

So, that's the update. I hope you have wonderful holidays! 


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