Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And were off..

Chris and I are officially moved out of our home. I know all I have done is complained about how horrible it is/was but the truth is it's going to be different now. I'm still not sad but it is kind of weird to not be in "our home". 
This is the place where Chris and I, as a couple, grew up. They say the first year is the hardest and boy let me tell you.. it was hard. But with all the hardships and struggles came lots of time to bond with one another, to lean on each other. Yes, I still call mom because boys don't do the "What are you wearing today"? talk, but we really have come to better understand each other. 
It has been a good year.
 A really tough, sometimes awful but good year.
 I am really proud of Chris and how much effort and focus he has put into school. He has done an outstanding job. He has grown so much in the last year.. just with schooling.
I've grown a lot too. I feel like through past experiences I have learned how to handle things better than I would have. I feel like I have a better perspective on life. It's a completely different world out here.. let alone being newly married. I am so dang proud of myself too. I honestly cannot believe I did it. No, I did not run a 5K but in some strange way I feel as though I did.. like I just crossed the finish line and I'm ready to start preparing for the 10K.
This year in Hawaii has been good to us. So thank you Hawaii and the good friends we have made. Thank you sun for always shining and helping me to be grateful for what I have.
Tonight is the night. We will be leaving our little hometown of Laie.
Goodbye Hawaii!
I'm sure we'll be back.

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