holy moley!!

Growing up I was taught to clean up after myself. I'm not saying I always did it. Considering my home now would look like a barn if I didn't. Not saying that Chris doesn't pick up after himself because he does.. when he has time..which is not often. Poor guy barely has time to pee. 
This rule was always enforced in our home growing up. I think I learned it best when we had to move. I cannot even count how many times we had moved when I was a kid. Mesquite is the longest we stayed in one city. (A whopping eight years was it?) I think I'm making my family sound like we got kicked out of these places.. That's not the case. My dad just kept getting cooler and better job offers so we moved. Which I honestly loved. I feel like I've seen the world, well the entire country at least. 
So back to keeping my house clean. 
Chris and I have searching for months for a home in Rexburg. The time is getting closer to move in date and we still don't have a place. It's been hard but we have thought a lot about it. When Chris applied to get in to school he was accepted in less than 12 hours, so we think Heavenly Father is going to make us work for a house. :) 
We keep getting emails and have actually found a few places. Now this is where the title and the talk about cleaning comes in. 
When we were young, we knew that when it was time to move we needed to make the house look immaculate. It was almost fun, showing off our house like a prized pig. :) 
I thought I should share some examples of pictures we have been sent of the homes that people want us to rent from. I think sometimes I forget not everyone was raised in my home. 
The bathroom floor

The floor in the master bedroom

The nursery? Storage room?

 Lots of counter space, including crumbs from breakfast, notice the washer/dryer added for counter space?

Does this make you want to live here?

Have I made my point? Now, do not mistake me, I am not saying that I, in any way am too good for these places. I am just saying that you'd think if someone needs you to move in, you'd clean and take the best pictures you can. That's all. Holy moley!!


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