random happy thoughts

These are my random thoughts when I am happy. Beware. :) 
I'm such a happy girl today.. A very happy girl!
I think I could list a thousand reasons to be happy but they might all have to do with seeing family in four stinkin days.
Chris has been studying his heart out while I have been packing the house. Good thing it's not an entire house; just an apartment. I don't think I could a whole house on my own. (I give my mother all the credit in the world for doing it so many times). 
Chris has one more final tomorrow night and then he can finally relax for a while. 

I forgot to tell you about last Sunday.. the Aloha 'oe. 
Here in Hawaii when someone leaves they sing a beautiful Hawaiian song.. I think it's their version of
 "Til We Meet Again".. right Amy? 
It really is something special. 
Everyone who is leaving stands at the front of the chapel after sacrament meeting and everyone stands and sings this song. Then EVERYONE (whether you know them or not) comes through the line to give hugs and say goodbyes. 
Now most of the time, everyone is crying.. but of course.. not me. 
I was so happy to see everyone and give hugs and not terribly sad to leave. 
So while I was laughing and hugging, my poor Chris was pouting.  
Okay not really but he was sad. 
I took it as.. I have learned many lessons and grown up a lot and I am ready for the next adventure. 
Which may be freezing cold but it's about 3000 miles closer to my family. Which to me is more important than the ocean or shrimp trucks or surfing. 
Sunday was special and I really wish it was something we could bring over to the mainland.. but I feel I may be hunted down for it if I did.
Gotta love da locals.
(I have been talking like them lately.. da kine.. brudah..)

I'm very happy.
  Four days you guys!! It's kinda weird to not know my return flight time. I like it though.

 I think the only reason Chris wants to be a doctor is so we can come back here. 
Today he told me that if I died, he would still become a doctor and move out here, then turn into a beach bum and surf all day. Oh he said he would take Kai too. 
Chris really does like helping people.. Just so you know. That's the real reason he wants to be a doctor. 
Anyway.. I am almost home!! I feel my nose frostbitten already. 


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! :) Everyone loves a happy Sarah. ;)

  2. I felt like we should have sang Aloha 'oe to your family when your dad was released from the Bishopric and y'all moved away. It is such a touching farewell. And yes it is like "Till We Meet Again" I think that is the best comparison to make.
    Kai tells me the same thing about moving to Hawaii. He and Chris could be happy as long as they had each other.
    See ya soon


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