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Ted's Wedding and scrap map

This last Saturday one of our good friends got married in Brigham City. We were able to make it to the sealing, thanks to my parents who drove up and watched our cranky teething baby. (I still feel bad, sorry mom and dad). The ceremony was beautiful, there was so much love and the spirit was so strong. Teddy has been a good friend of Chris' for a while now, he pushed Chris to go on a mission and that makes Ted and I very good friends. :) He definitely played a role in our lives. After the sealing Chris and I picked up Owen, and my parents took us to Smith and Edwards (like the original Cabelas). That place is awesome by the way! I could spend a whole day in there. Super random but great. 
 The luncheon was held at "The Lodge" in Brigham and the food was amazing. Then Chris and I had about four hours to kill before the reception. Ted called to see where we went and said that we were more than welcome to go hang out with his sister in law and the kids at his house. So ins…

4 months and other AWESOME news

I have the best news!  Chris found out he will be able to graduate in DECEMBER instead of April!! We are out of Rexburg that much sooner. We are so thrilled to finally be moving forward and start making money instead of losing it. College life isn't really all it's cracked up to be. In the words of my dad, "It's just a hoop jumping contest". The funny part is he will actually get his degree from BYU Hawaii not Idaho. At this point, he just wants to be done so he emailed his counselor in Hawaii and asked what it would take to get a degree. She said he has everything to get a University Studies degree and possibly an Exercise Science degree (what he has been aiming for). She still needs to check on some things about the EXS but either way we are done! Which is a huge, gigantic blessing for us. Then it's on to paramedic school and job applying. I am so incredibly proud of Chris for sticking with it and coming out victorious! He has logged in so many hours study…

we rock at being parents

This last week I was kindly welcomed into the parenting club. I tried for so long to be strong but life has a way of kicking you when you're down, or kicking my baby when he's down. 
Poor baby Owen has had a pretty rough week.   I came home from Soup-er Saturday and set O (in his car seat still strapped in) on the table. He was happy so I left to sit at the table with Chris. I went in the kitchen to start the dishes. Next thing I know Owen was on the floor face down, screaming. I ran to pick him up and he was still holding his breath, soon to be the most sad scream I've ever heard. Chris ran in from the bedroom to see both O and I bawling. Apparently Chris has unbuckled him before he went to grab something from the other room. Owen has been kicking himself out of his bouncer seat lately so I was not at all questioning how he did it. I was just hear broken that it happened. He busted his lip but not horribly. Chris tried to help the situation by saying  "Well, it took…

Halloween 2012

It's been so long but I'm here now. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and this year it was spent a little  differently than I had planned. Chris had school so O and I hung out and listened to spooky music. We were invited to a Halloween party our landlords were hosting so we just went to that. It was good. I can't complain to much because I didn't do anything better. Anyway, Susan got O an adorable cow costume so that's what he went as.

thinking out loud

First I want to say this is a more personal blog post. What's been on my mind.. well a few things that have been on my mind. 
1.It started with general conference.. what life changing decisions don't? :) Chris took Owen for the night so I could go to the Relief Society broadcast. To be completely honest I did not want to go. I had dishes to do, laundry to fold, sleeping to catch up on, etc. I ended up going with some friends and Costa Vida even catered. (How lucky are we?)  Although it was nice to have a break from the mom thing, all through dinner I kept thinking, "I need to be home and cleaning the house or taking care of O". The meeting started and the first couple talks were good but again I wasn't too thrilled to be there so I was half listening and half thinking of what else I could be doing. Then Sister Stephens (the first counselor in the RS General Presidency) spoke and said,
"Each of us has had and will continue to have adversity in our lives. This…

the hendrickson house

There have been some new things going on in the Hendrickson house.. four to be exact.  1.  Owen has managed to poop ten times, yes ten, in six hours, yes six. And not just small ones.. I know you wanted to know that.  2. He has found his hands.. he is always sucking away. He still can't control him thumbs yet but he is working on it.
And he just happens to be the cutest little man in the world. :) 

3. I chopped my hair off. Almost an entire foot! I have been wanting to do it for a while now but just didn't. Then Susan (my sister) did and she said she loved it.. so I followed in her footsteps and did too. I'm so glad I did. I usually regret it right after but not this time. It's so easy and light. I love it!!  I tried to find a "before" picture and this is the most recent..
And now!

4. My little home finally coming together! I still love my chairs. It's great to have some bright colors in here.
I'm in the process of making a table runner and curtains.…

scrap map

I've been working on many of craft lately and this is what I just started. Click here for the tutorial. I think it's one of the cutest map ideas I've ever seen. I have been wanting to make some kind of map to put in Owen's room and I found this. Just perfect. So, when I'm finished I will be sure to post pictures.


Chris, O and I took off on Sunday to visit the family's for Ryan's mission farewell. He is going into the MTC on Wednesday so we figured we probably ought to say our goodbyes. We were going to wait until today after Chris got done with school but I didn't want to and it didn't take much convincing to get Chris on board. So we made it and the little guy only screamed for about an hour, he does pretty well on long car rides.. if he's fed. 
Today we took him to the pediatrician and little did I know, he was due for some shots. :( I never thought I would get so emotional about this sort of thing but man I was. He is just shy of 13 pounds (6o percentile for his age) and he is 23 inches long (8o percentile for his age). He has doubled his birth weight in just two months and he is tall just like his daddy. He was pretty hungry already and then the "shot" guy came in.. that's when I left. Chris said he did pretty well but I don't believe it. My poor litt…

Oh Idaho

First of all can you believe my baby is two months?? I can't. It's true, they grow so fast! But I am not one bit sad about that. I'm excited for the new stage of his life, when he will smile and laugh at me. He is a pretty happy baby and he does smile a lot but we're excited to be entering the next phase where maybe, just maybe he will sleep a little better at night. :) His new thing is "talking" and how can I be frustrated at that, even if he does keep me up all night long? He also just figured out how to make noises. He is one talkative guy and I know he will just get louder. He is so fun. Chris and I just adore him.
Trying to help him fall asleep but he kept making me laugh
Lately he likes to put his face straight down
( See my projects in the background?)

Daddy and baby

On our way outside last night..

Good morning! His onesie says I'm hungry

As for us, we are doing fantastic. Things up here in Iceberg are great so far. We moved in (to our TOP floor a…

Six weeks and growing!

I recently took some pictures of my cute little babe and while looking back at them I realized he is getting chunky!! He wouldn't be considered gigantic or huge in other people's sight but in mine he is. I can't believe how big he's gotten in just the last week. He is six weeks as of yesterday and I am loving him even more than before. He started smiling and making sounds, which completely melts my heart. He is going to be so fun and I'm so so so glad we are past the first month. People tried to tell me just how hard the first month is and I didn't understand until I made it through. I know there will be more trying and difficult times but the first couple weeks are just plain hell. BUT we're past that and I'm loving this whole mom thing! It's so fun!!Just look at this sweet guy!  This is around a week old.

And now! Look at those cheeks! Yes, I do kiss them ALL day long.

He has gotten so long too.
This baby boy is growing like a weed and we love it…