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nursery ideas

One cool thing about living in a two bedroom is that my baby gets his/her own room.  It's still a waiting game as to whether it will be a blue or pink one but we have one and I am happy with that.  I have started picking out colors and patterns, making plans and forgetting I'm broke.  But a girl can dream.  Here's what I'm thinking so far.  For a sweet little girl:

  I want to put this quote above the crib. 
And for a handsome little man:

What do ya think?

warning.. brutally honest and pregnant

I've decided and you've probably noticed I'm not the super happy, tell you what craft I made today, lie about how I'm feeling and just do the "small talk" blog posts kind of girl. Not that that's bad or that I haven't done that. I just like reading the honest feelings of women. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and losing it.  And this offends some types of people.  I found a word for this.  Passionate.  Lovely huh?  Don't worry I am in no way mad or sad or depressed. Just passionate.  I have a huge heart with lots of feelings about anything and everything. Like many women do.  Sometimes I feel bad or guilty for posting such rude, blunt things but I just can't help myself.  It's who I am. It's how I express myself and if you don't like it, stop reading.  By the way, I get this from my dad.  I remember constantly complaining about what to wear and he would say why do you care so much?  "If you don't like what I'm wearing, do…

here's the latest.

So here's the latest.  I can't remember if I told the "we knew it was time" story.  If not, it's pretty incredible and G rated.  General Conference this October was great. We had the opportunity to watch it on our TV this time. Something I have always taken for granted. While were watching and making lunch I hear talk about kids and tuned in. Chris tuned out and I made him come sit with me. Elder Andersen was talking about how President Kimball told one young man and his wife to not break a commandment just because they wanted to get further in life, specifically to become a doctor. He asked "Where is your faith"? He said you can do both, with the Lords help. This talk was a wake up call.
Now, I have to say putting off a family before med school was never our plan, because I despise those people, but we just hadn't felt it was time yet.  Not that we had prayed about it or anything but having kids was not on my radar.
Once the talk was over I turned to …

new year

So it's hard to find the happiness now. It is.  I'm sorry if all of my posts from the last year were sad or negative or mean. There was a lot of that going on in life at the time.  BUT  here is to the new adventures, the new attitude, the new me! I am really working on me. I am working on finding the happiness and joy in life now.    I was working on me last year but I was unhappy about it.  Even though I learned a lot, I complained about most of it.  So here is to the new Sarah.  The better and happier Sarah.  This year is going to be a good one. 
Pictures of the house and everything will be up as soon as my box gets here.

baby names?

I have been thinking about names a lot lately.. I'm know I'm a ways off but who doesn't do that?  I'm so excited. We're so excited. 
So I asked Chris what names he liked for a girl.. nothing.  I asked what he liked for a boy and he gave me Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.. also known as Iron Man and Captain America. 
That's my boy.  The best part was the he didn't even laugh.  When I said I wasn't too sure about it, he said  "Well, Bubba will like it".  I guess it will be a surprise when he/she comes.

Here we are!

The Chris Hendrickson family is officially moved in. I am as happy as can be. We are both still trying to get use to the cold. 
Pictures will be up as soon as I can find my camera.  Sorry. 
We were/are blessed beyond belief with this move.  We were born into some pretty generous families.  And we could not be any happier. 
 Thanks to our parents we were given almost every thing for a kitchen and a home.  There were only a few minor things we needed to buy ourselves.
Which saved us a crud load of money we will soon need for a baby and med school.

My parents were kind enough to take a mini vacation from the rest of the family so they could drive Chris and I up here. Thank you mom and dad. :)
They helped us move in along with some neighbors.
Our Elders Quorum President lives nest door and he was nice enough to help out too.

 So far we have ran into some old friends and made some new.
I can see myself really liking it here.
I can see Chris really liking it here, in the summer.  :)

We are a happy …