Wednesday, January 11, 2012

baby names?

I have been thinking about names a lot lately.. I'm know I'm a ways off but who doesn't do that? 
I'm so excited. We're so excited. 

So I asked Chris what names he liked for a girl.. nothing. 
I asked what he liked for a boy and he gave me Tony Stark and Steve Rogers..
also known as Iron Man and Captain America. 

That's my boy.
 The best part was the he didn't even laugh. 
When I said I wasn't too sure about it, he said 
"Well, Bubba will like it". 
I guess it will be a surprise when he/she comes.


  1. I think it should be... Clark Kent. NO... Sam Wittwicky! YESH!! And if its a girl, Im gonna have to stick with... JennyDave!

  2. Coming up with names is the most fun part! (And hardest sometimes.)