Here we are!

The Chris Hendrickson family is officially moved in.
I am as happy as can be. We are both still trying to get use to the cold. 

Pictures will be up as soon as I can find my camera. 

We were/are blessed beyond belief with this move. 
We were born into some pretty generous families. 
And we could not be any happier. 

 Thanks to our parents we were given almost every thing for a kitchen and a home. 
There were only a few minor things we needed to buy ourselves.
Which saved us a crud load of money we will soon need for a baby and med school.

My parents were kind enough to take a mini vacation from the rest of the family so they could drive Chris and I up here. Thank you mom and dad. :)
They helped us move in along with some neighbors.
Our Elders Quorum President lives nest door and he was nice enough to help out too.
 So far we have ran into some old friends and made some new.
I can see myself really liking it here.
I can see Chris really liking it here, in the summer.  :)

We are a happy family getting ready for the arrival of a new member.
10 weeks now. So exciting!
He is the size of a kumquat.
At least that's what I've read.

Anyway.. pictures will hopefully be up soon! 


  1. We loved helping you guys and we are so happy for you both. Your little place is perfect.

  2. Well.. We say He because I hate calling him "it". haha :) No idea yet!

  3. He = James, aka , Jimmy Hendricx-son ;)

  4. glad you are happy. glad you have nice parents.


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