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here's the latest.

So here's the latest. 
I can't remember if I told the "we knew it was time" story. 
If not, it's pretty incredible and G rated. 
General Conference this October was great. We had the opportunity to watch it on our TV this time. Something I have always taken for granted. While were watching and making lunch I hear talk about kids and tuned in. Chris tuned out and I made him come sit with me. Elder Andersen was talking about how President Kimball told one young man and his wife to not break a commandment just because they wanted to get further in life, specifically to become a doctor. He asked "Where is your faith"? He said you can do both, with the Lords help. This talk was a wake up call.
Now, I have to say putting off a family before med school was never our plan, because I despise those people, but we just hadn't felt it was time yet.  Not that we had prayed about it or anything but having kids was not on my radar.
Once the talk was over I turned to Chris and he said "I know".
So we prayed and I got my answer right away, like when I prayed about marrying Chris.
Now Chris on the other hand.. took a while. I think on purpose. :)
Later that month, we decided it was time and my next period didn't come. One try. I am definitely not bragging here. I am simply saying that I am one fertile myrtle.
 Crazy right?
I took the test and there it was plain and simple, our family would soon consist of three people. I asked Chris how he felt and he said "I want a boy." I asked if he was excited or nervous? He said "Well, I was honestly banking on the fact that it takes most couples 4 to 6 months to get pregnant". haha

We held off telling our families so we could be all cutsie and tell them on Christmas. Luckily it all worked out and we were able to see all of our close family within a few days of each other. My favorite part about telling everyone was the reactions we got. Jill screamed, Scott gave me a huge hug, Sean let me take a shower before him (even though he had to sing in church), Susan and Becca laughed, mom smacked me (for not telling her), Jeff  looked at Chris all weird, dad said "Yes! I can't wait to be a grandpa", Kai gave us a high five and an "Alright! That's awesome!", Bubba gave me an almost wink, and the girls smiled and loved that I joked about naming the baby Jenny Dave. (A name they came up with for a girl/boy balloon).
I thought they were pretty good.

Since then,
Chris and I had been anxiously awaiting our first doctors appointment. It's nerve wracking by the way. Just waiting to find out if she/he is healthy and growing right. Anyway, the appointment went a lot better than I thought it was going to go. Everyone I had talked to about it said "It's really uncomfortable". I went in sweating, almost profusely. I know, sick. They took my blood pressure and it was pretty high. She asked if I was nervous. haha Oh was I nervous. She sent us into another room to wait for the doctor.
That was the worst part. Waiting and thinking. Chris kept grabbing my hands and telling me it was going to be okay. I know he was just trying to help but he wasn't about to get up close and personal with the doctor like I was in a few minutes.
She came in and we talked about Hawaii and how crazy we were to move here. Which helped to calm the nerves a little. She asked lots of questions and made sure I was clean and healthy. She was so nice and helpful. She answered all the questions with a medical and personal answer. It was nice. Some doctors just give you the medical answer. I hate that. I don't know what that means.
Then came the "uncomfortable part". She explained everything with details and then it was time to hear my baby's heart beat.
We went in and right there on the monitor was my baby. I felt like things were going in slow motion. I started to cry with excitement. Chris was in shock. We both just stared. What an incredible moment. I just wanted to say "Look! Look what we made!" It was moving around a lot so it was hard for her to get a good picture. His little feet crossed and hands stretched out. How cool is that?  She also showed me around the inside of my body which was amazingly weird. My ovaries, my uterus and my intestines.
I know he isn't big right now but oh my gosh was that amazing?!
She made me so happy when she said that he is healthy and happy. I pray he will be that way for the rest of his life.
This is the sour patch one. Seriously looks like a sour patch huh? The big circle is the back of his head, then his two little arms, his cute little bum and the tiny circles are his feet.

He is not cut in half, he was just moving in this one.

The top of his head and is long arms and hands. Chris says he is giving a thumbs up because it's warmer in here than outside where dad is.

After that was done, I had to get my blood drawn and a flu shot. Yuck. But it wasn't horrible.
Then we were done. Our next appointment is on Valentines Day.
I am one happy camper.
That's the latest, Thanks for reading. 


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