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thinking baby

I can't stop thinking about baby.. that's what going on now so it makes sense. Chris and I have no idea what this baby is so I just think and think and think. Recently I found some cute little clothes that I wanted to share.. Baby Girl: 

Baby Boy:
 I'm just thinking of all the cute things I can dress my baby in. I can't wait to find out! Only two weeks now :) 

The Box Spring

I think a while back I talked about how Chris and I were lucky enough to get a whole new Queen sized bed set for Christmas?! Chris' mom ordered it on January 12th.. They said it would all be delivered to our home in Rexburg on January 25th. The 25th came with a new, beautiful mattress, solid frames and a rusty torn apart box spring. The delivery man asked if we wanted to keep it. I laughed and said no, my mother in law just paid a lot of money for a nice, new box spring and that's what we expect. Now that I think about it, we should have just kept the thing. 
He took it back and said we would get a new one in one week. That week rolled around and nothing. We called  and called and Sears couldn't figure it out. I had to ask three or four times to speak with people that could speak English. Honestly, it was ridiculous. One time I called and the man on the other end insisted that I had it hiding somewhere in my house. He said it had been delivered and wasn't backing down. …

extended family

In Hawaii, everyone is either auntie or uncle. That's just the way it is. Immediate family. That was one thing I loved about living there. I had so many uncles and aunties to care for me.  The coolest part about it was that they don't just say "auntie" for no reason. They almost take place of family that's not able to be with you. They care for you. They love you.  Chris and I were lucky enough to have real relatives and I honestly can't remember how they are related, living out in Hawaii when we were there, an older couple that took very good care of us. They picked us up from the airport when we very first arrived. They brought us food.. very odd food, but food non the less. And boy were we grateful for it. :) 
  Poke or raw fish with coconut milk  Taro roll
Every once in a while Gigi and Jo would stop by to check on us. Almost every time we saw them they either gave us food or money. They were like our "fill in" parents for a while. Checking up on us t…

17 weeks

I thought I should maybe do an update on the pregnancy.  So far things have gone pretty well. I was lucky enough to not get the "spend all day near a toilet" crud. Sleeping is hard but I'v heard it only gets worse. And I had no idea how much you loose your mind. I can't remember anything and hardly make full sentences. It's pretty funny. I also had no idea how out of control emotions get. I have mental breakdowns a lot.. I cry like a baby at funny things. It's driving me nuts. I feel like I cry at the drop of a hat and laugh at really inappropriate times.

 I can eat just about anything except things that use BBQ sauce. That's the one thing that gets me. 
 I felt her/him kick for the first time a couple days ago. It was really exciting and weird. It was right after I sneezed and scared myself so I'm sure I scared her/him to. Now I only feel it kick if I sneeze. Haha
So we are down to three weeks until we find out what the gender is. We have a countdown on …

Valentines Day

This last week I went down to Spanish Fork and then Mesquite to visit family and to attend a farewell of close family friend. Poor Chris was all alone for a week but I think he needed it. It seems that he can't ever get homework done when we are home together. :) I think he got a lot of homework done this week.  It was so good to see the people in my old ward. It was a good trip.  But it was definitely good to come home. On Valentines morning I woke up to sugar cookies Chris had made all by himself, pink frosting, sprinkles and everything. He made the "Love" cookies on his own too..  no cookie cutter. 
How sweet is he? He also gave me a long body pillow with a very cute pillow case.  It's what I have been asking for lately. He did a very good job of making me feel special. Then later we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and ate chocolate covered strawberries and that night he took me on a date to Applebees. He is a very good husband and friend. I love being married to a wonderfu…

dancing it out

I know I'm really bad at this blogging thing.. I also know that everyone says that. I really mean it though.  I will blog two or three times a day but every couple weeks. At least I'm blogging. 
Anyway.. this blog post is about dancing when you have no one to scream at. Sometimes I'm angry that I am married but feel single, sometimes I'm angry because I can't sleep and then sometimes I'm angry because Sears is extremely hard to work with.  For Christmas, my mother and father in law gave us the gift of a bed! A beautiful queen sized bed. Which we could not be more grateful for, by the way. If they had not bought us a bed we would be sleeping on air mattresses for a long time.   The bed was delivered on January 25th, we were so excited (like Christmas morning). They brought it in and everything looked great to me but the delivery guy noticed a few tears and rusty puncture marks in the box spring. He asked if we wanted to keep it or if he should take it back with him.…

Oh Baby!

I keep wanting to post pregnancy pictures but although I think my belly is getting bigger, it really isn't. It just looks like a big muffin top.  I've been asked several times what Chris and I want the gender to be.  I have thought about this for a while..  and honestly I don't care. Chris jokes about wanting a boy just because "Boy names are so much cooler"... like Thor and Iron Man. We are excited either way. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter to us.  I have met too many people who whine and cry when they find out the gender is not what they wanted.  It makes me sad for them, that they can't see a blessing in front of their face. I'm not here to judge but I am here to say it doesn't matter.   Though I have never been a mother before I have done my fair share of baby sitting and I do know that boy or girl.. they eat, they cry, they poop, they make messes and they make you smile.  It doesn't matter.  In about 4 weeks Chris and I will find out who this litt…