Monday, February 20, 2012

17 weeks

I thought I should maybe do an update on the pregnancy. 
So far things have gone pretty well. I was lucky enough to not get the "spend all day near a toilet" crud. Sleeping is hard but I'v heard it only gets worse. And I had no idea how much you loose your mind. I can't remember anything and hardly make full sentences. It's pretty funny. I also had no idea how out of control emotions get. I have mental breakdowns a lot.. I cry like a baby at funny things. It's driving me nuts. I feel like I cry at the drop of a hat and laugh at really inappropriate times.

 I can eat just about anything except things that use BBQ sauce. That's the one thing that gets me. 

 I felt her/him kick for the first time a couple days ago. It was really exciting and weird. It was right after I sneezed and scared myself so I'm sure I scared her/him to. Now I only feel it kick if I sneeze. Haha

So we are down to three weeks until we find out what the gender is. We have a countdown on the fridge. 
We can't wait! This part of pregnancy is awesome.. all of the anticipation. 
Well.. that's about it. 

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