Oh Baby!

I keep wanting to post pregnancy pictures but although I think my belly is getting bigger, it really isn't. It just looks like a big muffin top. 
I've been asked several times what Chris and I want the gender to be. 
I have thought about this for a while..  and honestly I don't care. Chris jokes about wanting a boy just because "Boy names are so much cooler"... like Thor and Iron Man.
We are excited either way. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter to us. 
I have met too many people who whine and cry when they find out the gender is not what they wanted. 
It makes me sad for them, that they can't see a blessing in front of their face.
I'm not here to judge but I am here to say it doesn't matter.  
Though I have never been a mother before I have done my fair share of baby sitting and I do know that boy or girl.. they eat, they cry, they poop, they make messes and they make you smile. 
It doesn't matter. 
In about 4 weeks Chris and I will find out who this little person is. 
I can't feel him moving yet but I know he is. It was fun to see him moving around on the ultra sound. 
Chris and I couldn't be more excited about bringing this person into our lives! It's a very hot topic around here. Will he/she have my eyes or Chris'? My dark skin or white like grandmas? :)  
We are so thrilled for this opportunity we have to be parents. 
I would say "I can't wait".. but lets be honest.. I am scared as heck. Good thing I've got time. 


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