Valentines Day

This last week I went down to Spanish Fork and then Mesquite to visit family and to attend a farewell of close family friend. Poor Chris was all alone for a week but I think he needed it. It seems that he can't ever get homework done when we are home together. :) I think he got a lot of homework done this week. 
It was so good to see the people in my old ward. It was a good trip. 
But it was definitely good to come home. On Valentines morning I woke up to sugar cookies Chris had made all by himself, pink frosting, sprinkles and everything. He made the "Love" cookies on his own too..
 no cookie cutter. 

How sweet is he? He also gave me a long body pillow with a very cute pillow case. 
It's what I have been asking for lately. He did a very good job of making me feel special. Then later we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and ate chocolate covered strawberries and that night he took me on a date to Applebees. He is a very good husband and friend. I love being married to a wonderful man like him. 

We actually had a baby appointment during the day also. They listened to the heartbeat and everything was well. So we scheduled the next appointment and we will find out then what gender the baby is! March 12th is the day! We couldn't be more excited!! 

Thank you mom for driving me all the way up here and for everything! Baby blankets and burp rags will be on a whole other post. Thank you! 


  1. It was cute to see how excited he was to show you his cookie creations. You guys make a good team! We love you both.

  2. How come I didn't know you were down? :( It would've been fun to see you. And dang your hunny did a good job for Valentines day! I can't wait to hear what the gender is!!


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