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new places and spaces

Chris and I found an apartment for when we come back here and I have already started pulling ideas together for it. I love being able to create my own space. It will be so fun to decorate a nursery and a huge living room. Seriously the living room is very open and lovely. I have been looking around for couches. We have one, but it's only big enough for two people.  Some ideas for the living room..
I love this color on the table

I know it seems kinda crazy but it will come together.  Blue's, greens and lots of bright colors. I want a happy, bright home.

Baby America

Yesterday was a great day! I finally changed my name to Sarah Hendrickson. Super exciting :) It wasn't that awful sitting in the SS office.. we just wondered how much those people get paid to work there. I can't imagine having that job. It sounds horrible. Sit there and listen to people whine about how they "can't work" or they "don't have enough food" so they think the government should pay for it all. When our number got called the lady looked so tired and annoyed so Chris tried to make her smile. It worked of course.  Anyway, I am officially a Hendrickson. 
We made a pit stop at Wal Mart and while Chris was looking at movies, I ran to the baby section. As I was looking, I came across this! 
Chris came over and gave me the best reaction to it. He had a huge proud smile and said "Ya, that's right."  There wasn't a Thor one so we settled for this. :)  I think our little man will look pretty good in this outfit don't you? 

22 weeks

Not a whole lot has changed since I last posted.. I think my bump has gotten a little bigger and I have been getting really hot but I've heard that common. Other than that things are great! This pregnancy has been wonderful so far. And I am so so grateful for that!  He is now starting to move around during the day. It was only at night and right before I got up in the morning but now it's off and on all day. Chris thinks he is practicing egg-beating to become a water polo player like his uncles.  Side note: It was nice enough outside yesterday that Chris and I went for a picnic at the park! I am loving this weather! 
 I looked at this picture after I put it up and my arms look extremely long to me.. anyone agree? Like a Gorilla or Chimp??

The Unexpected Happenings of Pregnancy

I realized there are a lot of things women don't tell you about pregnancy. I don't think anyone has been hiding these things from me, I just think maybe they forget about it.  For example,  1. The amount of hair I have started growing all over my body. At least it's just peach fuzz.

2. Exactly how often I have to pee. Two, three, four times an hour.

3. My emotional state. I cry over anything remotely serious and I laugh at everything else.

4. Sometimes the baby doesn't move for a while.
 This is the one I had a very recent experience with. I think I said in an earlier post that he is getting a lot stronger, well he kinda stopped moving. Sunday night I went to bed without feeling him at all. Which worried me, but I thought I would wait and see hat happens. Monday night, Tuesday morning and nothing. So after calling my Doctor they told me to come in and listen to the heartbeat. We went in today and listened to a clear, strong heartbeat. It was probably one of the best feelin…

21 weeks

Here's the latest!  Baby Thor is getting really strong. I can now feel when he is just moving around and when he is throwing a punch. Chris felt his little kick for the fist time a couple days ago. He just looked at me like "Did that really happen?"  Just so you all know, Thor is a complete joke. I am not seriously about to name my kid that. We just haven't thought of anything good yet, so we use Thor. It was either that or something really hard for people to say in Hawaiian.  All foods are welcome except for BBQ sauce. I have the urge to pee a lot more and I've heard it only gets better. :) I'm excited to feel him get bigger and even more stronger.  Side note: I hate it when someone asks how I'm doing, I tell them I can feel him getting stronger and they always say "Oh you just wait honey, it will get worse".  Thanks. I know. I've heard. But this is what's going on NOW.  Anyway, it's amazing the things people say to pregnant women. It'…

Baby BOY and a change of plans

We got to go get the 20 week ultrasound yesterday and boy was it fun. Chris has obviously been hoping for a boy and I didn't really care. We get in the room and she started trying to find him. I said "Oh man he just kicked me". Then she said "Oh him?, You know?". Chris sprang up and asked if it really was a boy and she then showed us his little "turtle". That's what she kept calling it.. Don't ask me.   I told her I really had no idea and that I had just decided to call him a him because I hated calling him an "it".  Anyway, she took almost 70 pictures of his tiny little body. He would not stop moving. She had to catch up to him moving all over. And she said he was a little bit bigger than normal. Not surprised, I just pointed to Chris. We got some really cute pictures. 
He was giving us a thumbs up :)   This might be my favorite. His little leg!  The brighter spot at the bottom is his hand holding his bum.  His close up. The black hole is…

Love At Home

There is beauty all around.  Oh the joys of being married.  Don't get me wrong, Chris and I have an amazing relationship.  Unfortunately we don't quite have the same luck with other people. To be honest, I don't even know where to start. To say the least, Chris and I are really talented at drawing in the crazies or as Chris says "socially inept people". I'm just going to dive right in, our neighbors are different. They have been very loud, very, very loud. (It's still an understatement, no matter how many "very's" I add). They own four dogs and three of the seven kids still live at home. The three are all high school and college aged so they happen to have many loud friends. The four dogs are those really ugly, what my family calls "rat dogs" that bark all the time. So you can imagine how lovely it is.  We have had a few weird run-ins with them lately. 1: In passing, whether at church or in the front yard, our neighborly gesture of a sm…

what's the skinny?

Holy skinny jeans.  They are everywhere. Normal jean colors and now hot pink, bright orange and stop sign red. What's the deal?! This is all just my opinion so if you already think my opinion sucks then stop reading.  So here it is: The only way I think skinny jeans should be worn are inside boots, being that they are the only jeans that won't come "untucked". I admit I do own a pair and the I only wear them with my boots.  They just don't look good.  For girls with real woman hips and thighs, they made our behinds look about ten times bigger than normal (which really is not attractive, you think it is but it's not).  And for the skinny ladies out there, I don't understand why you would want to make yourself look smaller. Are you aiming to look like a middle school girl? My opinion is, that instead of buying yourself those skinny jeans, go buy yourself a Big Mac. Please. Oh and let us not forget about all the boys out there who think looking skinny is hot. The…


This blog post is not meant to creep anyone out but I thought it was kinda funny when Chris and I were talking..   To start I have to say this blog is about watching people.. Not stalking people, just watching people.  You can tell a lot by a person by just watching them.  Like my momma always said "Watch what they do, not what they say".  When I was in high school, I was a life guard, my job was to watch people. I learned a lot about different people in my community. I knew who was related to who, who was a bully and also who was modest or not when they came to the pool.  The reason I bring this up is because I have had a few experiences with watching people lately that have either made me laugh or made me think twice about who I am.  For example, Chris and I were at Subway the other day and there were two single guys in front of us. The girl behind the counter looked exhausted but still was very polite when asking what kind of veggies they wanted on their sandwich. Chris and I j…

A lot to catch up on:

So I've been thinking about a few things lately..  Life and this baby.  I know, again with the baby. You know what's funny? I swore to myself I would never be that mom that won't shut up about her kid. I always thought it was annoying.  Well guess what? I am turning into that mom. Let me say this right though.. I will not be the mom that brags about her kid but I will be the mom to talk about them.  Right now it's the newest and coolest thing going on so of course I'm bound to talk about it.  Speaking of which, we are down to four days until we find out! I dream about this baby, but every time it's different. Last night she had dark black hair, a couple nights ago he had bright orange hair..  So really who knows?  And the orange hair thing is totally possible too thanks to our mothers :) 
More about baby.. Chris and I had been looking at strollers and car seats, seeing we will need them soon, and holy crap everything is so expensive. I did my researching and came to li…

pregnant rantings

I just read an article that was about a man in Utah being sentenced to 1-15 years for punching a pregnant woman. At first, I was shocked! Who does that? Then I read on.. she had asked him to help her have an abortion for money and he got mad. Then I thought, right on! I would've punched her too! Hard! If you aren't looking to raise a baby or want the responsibility of a child then close your legs! I'm sorry but it breaks my heart to hear what some people are doing to babies and children. It makes me want to adopt from every irresponsible girl out there. It makes me sick.  Are you serious? I can't even look at or watch the news without tearing up (partially due to these awesome hormones). I just can't even believe the world I have to raise my children in. I thought it was bad when I was in high school, just two years ago. Sometimes, I think about locking my (future) kids up in a tower.. Then Chris reminds me it's important for them to learn and grow through crappy …