21 weeks

Here's the latest! 
Baby Thor is getting really strong. I can now feel when he is just moving around and when he is throwing a punch. Chris felt his little kick for the fist time a couple days ago. He just looked at me like "Did that really happen?" 
Just so you all know, Thor is a complete joke. I am not seriously about to name my kid that. We just haven't thought of anything good yet, so we use Thor. It was either that or something really hard for people to say in Hawaiian. 
All foods are welcome except for BBQ sauce. I have the urge to pee a lot more and I've heard it only gets better. :) I'm excited to feel him get bigger and even more stronger. 
Side note: I hate it when someone asks how I'm doing, I tell them I can feel him getting stronger and they always say "Oh you just wait honey, it will get worse". 
Thanks. I know. I've heard. But this is what's going on NOW. 
Anyway, it's amazing the things people say to pregnant women. It's like there is no sensor anymore. 
 "Oh look at you getting so big!" 
That's when I say "Oh you too!" 
They usually stop after that. 


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!! Where did my kids get such wicked senses of humor? I'm sure it came from the Gma's....Corry AND Peterson. Double whammied!! Oh, and you better pray that the little guy doesn't hear the name Thor on the way out...he might bring a hammer!


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