22 weeks

Not a whole lot has changed since I last posted.. I think my bump has gotten a little bigger and I have been getting really hot but I've heard that common. Other than that things are great! This pregnancy has been wonderful so far. And I am so so grateful for that! 
He is now starting to move around during the day. It was only at night and right before I got up in the morning but now it's off and on all day. Chris thinks he is practicing egg-beating to become a water polo player like his uncles. 
Side note: It was nice enough outside yesterday that Chris and I went for a picnic at the park! I am loving this weather! 

 I looked at this picture after I put it up and my arms look extremely long to me.. anyone agree? Like a Gorilla or Chimp?? 


  1. Well... I've been meaning to tell you the truth about your strange family traits and where you get all of those personality quirks from. The long arms are just ONE of the crazy traits you should expect! jk! Haha! Have you noticed how long your dad's arms are?

    And no, your arms don't look longer than normal.
    The better to catch running children with!!


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