Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby America

Yesterday was a great day! I finally changed my name to Sarah Hendrickson. Super exciting :) It wasn't that awful sitting in the SS office.. we just wondered how much those people get paid to work there. I can't imagine having that job. It sounds horrible. Sit there and listen to people whine about how they "can't work" or they "don't have enough food" so they think the government should pay for it all. When our number got called the lady looked so tired and annoyed so Chris tried to make her smile. It worked of course. 
Anyway, I am officially a Hendrickson. 

We made a pit stop at Wal Mart and while Chris was looking at movies, I ran to the baby section. As I was looking, I came across this! 

Chris came over and gave me the best reaction to it. He had a huge proud smile and said "Ya, that's right." 
There wasn't a Thor one so we settled for this. :) 
I think our little man will look pretty good in this outfit don't you? 

Baby America/Thor is having a blast kicking the crud out of my bladder. I think I pee a little every time he kicks. They say he is the size of a large spaghetti squash this week. But we have an appointment on Monday so we will find out how big he really is. 

Also I need to thank Amber Heywood for letting us use her car! She is so kind and generous. Seriously, she is a keeper. Thanks Amber!! 

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