Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby BOY and a change of plans

We got to go get the 20 week ultrasound yesterday and boy was it fun. Chris has obviously been hoping for a boy and I didn't really care. We get in the room and she started trying to find him. I said "Oh man he just kicked me". Then she said "Oh him?, You know?". Chris sprang up and asked if it really was a boy and she then showed us his little "turtle". That's what she kept calling it.. Don't ask me. 
 I told her I really had no idea and that I had just decided to call him a him because I hated calling him an "it". 
Anyway, she took almost 70 pictures of his tiny little body. He would not stop moving. She had to catch up to him moving all over. And she said he was a little bit bigger than normal. Not surprised, I just pointed to Chris. We got some really cute pictures. 

He was giving us a thumbs up :) 
 This might be my favorite. His little leg! 
The brighter spot at the bottom is his hand holding his bum. 
His close up. The black hole is his little mouth and his nose above it. Crazy huh?
His little leg extended. 
 Our sweet baby Thor, with some hair. 

I really think Thor will end up being  a nickname whether I like it or not. It's either Thor or Tony Stark.. 
About the whole change of plans.. 
Chris and I have weighed out options for what to do this summer and everything kept pointing towards Provo.. no, not just because my family is there. (Although that's a plus) 
We have been trying to figure out how Chris would be able to take an EMT class this summer and nothing was looking up here so we looked at Provo. 
There are a heck of lot more job opportunities. 
Chris would be able to get some shadowing experience with doctors.
I will have mom with me for the first month after having baby. 
And we will get out of our apartment!
And since we are now able to live with my parents we will save lots of money. 
We could not be more grateful for my parents to let us live with them, even with a new baby. 
Isn't family great?! 
So that's what we will be doing this summer. Having a blast down in Utah! 
This is going to be a wonderful summer. 

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