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A lot to catch up on:

So I've been thinking about a few things lately.. 
Life and this baby. 
I know, again with the baby. You know what's funny? I swore to myself I would never be that mom that won't shut up about her kid. I always thought it was annoying. 
Well guess what? I am turning into that mom. Let me say this right though.. I will not be the mom that brags about her kid but I will be the mom to talk about them. 
Right now it's the newest and coolest thing going on so of course I'm bound to talk about it. 
Speaking of which, we are down to four days until we find out! I dream about this baby, but every time it's different. Last night she had dark black hair, a couple nights ago he had bright orange hair..
 So really who knows? 
And the orange hair thing is totally possible too thanks to our mothers :) 

More about baby.. Chris and I had been looking at strollers and car seats, seeing we will need them soon, and holy crap everything is so expensive. I did my researching and came to like a stroller/car seat combo. It turned out to be on sale at Target so after talking to Chris, we ordered it. It came the other day and I love it! 
Originally I had asked a few friends about different brands and I just decided to go with my gut. I kept telling myself, "It's not like they make unsafe ones", "they all have to be approved, so I really don't have to get the most expensive just because it says it's the safest". 
It's here and Chris and I love it. It's a pretty plain Jane grey but that's what I wanted. I have never wanted a hot pink or bright blue one. 

We got them for such a great deal and I love, love, love them! 
Onto more baby related things, when we told my family we were expecting my mom got started on making baby blankets, burp rags and more.. When I was down at my parents for a week, we finished up some more blankets and then on the way back up here we stopped at Ikea in Salt Lake and picked a couple baby things. Like this baby highchair and baby tub. 

Our first newborn diapers and wipes. They are so tiny!

Burp rags:

Ya, I guess you can say she is excited. :) I think we all are. This is me at 19 weeks!
Oh and baby kicks now almost every night from 9:30 to 10. Usually when I am laying down. Sometimes I wish Chris could feel this..It's the most unreal, weird, and cool thing I have ever experienced. I wish he could experience too.. I just wonder sometimes how he would handle it. haha I think we, as women, were given this gift because the guys wouldn't have been able to handle it. Just saying. 

I am liking this stage of pregnancy. The first trimester stinks and I didn't even get very sick. To wake up everyday feeling like you got hit by a train isn't the best. But now I have more energy then I know what to with. I have been very proud of myself lately. And ya, I'm gonna brag about it. To start I have made every meal this week. I know, sad that that's an accomplishment but it sure is! I also cleaned the house like crazy! Dishes, laundry, vacuum, all bathroom, all kitchen (including mopping), inside stove, dusted, and even did the baseboards. I felt very on top of things. :)  
And last but not least I, Sarah Hendrickson, finished a book. I don't think anyone know's how extremely rare this is. Seriously, like all joking aside, I DO NOT read books! Never have. Wonder how I got through school.. spark notes. It's not cheating, just summarizes the book. :) Anyway, I really did finish it. What book? Of course The Hunger Games. I can say that is the first book I have not been able to put down. Stephanie Meyer almost had but I couldn't take it seriously. Vampires? Really? Come one! At least The Hunger Games could be real. I guess I'm a lot like my dad, in that our imagination extends about as far as.. well.. it doesn't really. So anyway, I do expect a "congrats Sarah that's awesome comment"! :) 

In other news:
Chris and his counselor/mentor came up with a grad plan finally! He tried in Hawaii but we must have just tried on every Aloha Friday (everyone leaves work, school, etc to go fish or play at the beach). 
Anyway, they came up with this plan, he came home and told me about it.. it consisted of us staying here another two full years. Both of us looked at each other and just about lost it. Then we came to terms with it and decided it needed to be done so let's suck it up. 
The next day he came home with a whole new plan that ended with us out of here by next July. We both prayed that it would get approved by his counselor and sure enough, a couple days later it did! We went from  two years to one! It's coming together! 

I had a thought today. I thought it was a pretty good one. Chris and I are planning to attend Med school and it's kinda scaring both of us. Not enough to back out but it's just a long, long commitment. Anyway, Chris came home from a Pre Med club meeting and he said that a lot of the other guys weren't being too nice towards him because he wants to attend a D.O. school instead of an M.D. (which is the same thing). He said they just talked down to him like getting a D.O. isn't good enough. 
So I was thinking about it. And the thought I came up with is if Chris and I care what those kids think, we won't get very far. Sometimes you just have to ignore the world and carry on with what you think is right. I have a feeling we will run into this more as we get into school. But I just kept thinking about it and I believe this apply's to almost everything in life. You can't afford to care what other people think about you. It will get you know where but discouraged and down. 
So there is my thought for the day.
   Thanks for reading! 


  1. "Congrats Sarah that's awesome!" No really, that's AWESOME! I've seriously never seen you read a book and remotely enjoy the experience! I'm impressed. Most pregnancies people do weird things like crave strange food but maybe this baby is getting you to crave books. I craved foods with all my kids but with Mitch, embarrassing to say, I became addicted to Star Trek episodes. Seriously. I'd never ever watched it before. And I haven't watched it since. Pregnancies can drive you to do a lot of scrub your whole house!

    Also, you look so cute with a baby belly!

    Very proud of you and Chris for not giving weight to what others say or think. All that matters is God, Wife, and Husband. No one else's opinion matters.

  2. Since Monday? That's awesome, Sarah! Can't wait to find out who that little person in your cute belly is going to be! Oh- and the Hunger Games is a great book to get you reading. :o)


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