Love At Home

There is beauty all around. 
Oh the joys of being married. 
Don't get me wrong, Chris and I have an amazing relationship. 
Unfortunately we don't quite have the same luck with other people. To be honest, I don't even know where to start. To say the least, Chris and I are really talented at drawing in the crazies or as Chris says "socially inept people". I'm just going to dive right in, our neighbors are different. They have been very loud, very, very loud. (It's still an understatement, no matter how many "very's" I add). They own four dogs and three of the seven kids still live at home. The three are all high school and college aged so they happen to have many loud friends. The four dogs are those really ugly, what my family calls "rat dogs" that bark all the time. So you can imagine how lovely it is. 
We have had a few weird run-ins with them lately.
1: In passing, whether at church or in the front yard, our neighborly gesture of a smile or a simple "Hello" are completely avoided and ignored.
2: One morning upon using too many appliances in the bathroom, I blew a fuse. When politely asking them if they knew where the circuit breaker was, we were treated with a scowl, a "no" and a door that couldn't get slammed fast enough. 
3: On more than one occasion, after listening to dogs barking and running through the house, pounding footsteps and a TV that rattles our windows, we have tried to enjoy a normal conversation in our bedroom. Only to be interrupted by three hard stomps on the ceiling which could only be interpreted as that "we were disturbing the peace and needed to keep it down". 
4: After another typical Sunday evening of listening to them party upstairs, we were kicked off of our internet connection. Only to find that the network and password had been changed with the network name being "WeCanHearYou2". The password (which we can only interpret as their "excuse" for being loud) was set as "FourDogs&AFuneral". 

That last one just happened to occur tonight. After discussing this over with our landlord, we learned that any problem we have, we have to settle it on our own. About an hour after being locked out of our internet, one of the daughters came down to give us the new password. Chris mentioned to her that he liked the name change, she said "Oh my mom's friend did it". I added "So mature". And that was that. 

Needless to say that was my last straw. Yes, we are looking for new housing. 


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