pregnant rantings

I just read an article that was about a man in Utah being sentenced to 1-15 years for punching a pregnant woman. At first, I was shocked! Who does that? Then I read on.. she had asked him to help her have an abortion for money and he got mad. Then I thought, right on! I would've punched her too! Hard! If you aren't looking to raise a baby or want the responsibility of a child then close your legs! I'm sorry but it breaks my heart to hear what some people are doing to babies and children. It makes me want to adopt from every irresponsible girl out there. It makes me sick.
 Are you serious?
I can't even look at or watch the news without tearing up (partially due to these awesome hormones). I just can't even believe the world I have to raise my children in. I thought it was bad when I was in high school, just two years ago. Sometimes, I think about locking my (future) kids up in a tower..
Then Chris reminds me it's important for them to learn and grow through crappy experiences. (He said it a lot better than that). I think the scariest part is that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

My mom and I were talking about how aggressive the girls are becoming these days. How they use their bodies in such inappropriate ways and how sad it is. And how low self esteem has everything to do with it.

 I can remember when Jeff (my brother) was in middle school and we would get phone calls all the time asking for him. Honestly, I thought it was outrageous. What the heck do you need to talk to him about? You're not going out, you're 12..  I never once called a boy at that age. I had no reason to.. I had girlfriends and sports. 
I guess I'm just ranting but seriously can you believe this world? Scary right? 
But to focus on the good for a second, we are down to 11 days until we find out pink or blue! We couldn't be more excited.
 Side Note: I think a lot of this ranting and thinking stems from being pregnant with one of Heavenly Fathers' angels.. That's a little scary to me. Anyway. 


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