The Unexpected Happenings of Pregnancy

I realized there are a lot of things women don't tell you about pregnancy. I don't think anyone has been hiding these things from me, I just think maybe they forget about it. 
For example, 
1. The amount of hair I have started growing all over my body. At least it's just peach fuzz.

2. Exactly how often I have to pee. Two, three, four times an hour.

3. My emotional state. I cry over anything remotely serious and I laugh at everything else.

4. Sometimes the baby doesn't move for a while.
 This is the one I had a very recent experience with. I think I said in an earlier post that he is getting a lot stronger, well he kinda stopped moving. Sunday night I went to bed without feeling him at all. Which worried me, but I thought I would wait and see hat happens. Monday night, Tuesday morning and nothing. So after calling my Doctor they told me to come in and listen to the heartbeat. We went in today and listened to a clear, strong heartbeat. It was probably one of the best feelings I've ever had. To hear him. Alive and well. Sometimes I guess they just need a little break.

5.  I was born with a very small amount of patience. Chris has been working his magic and helping me to be more patient but I feel like now that I have all these hormones running through me, all that work disappeared.
I have never had any patience for people who are mean or in my opinion "dumb" and I swear it's gotten worse. I usually just try to ignore or avoid certain situations but sometimes..
Today Chris took me to lunch (he's so sweet) and after we got our food, one of the employee's started complaining about his job and about other employee's. About how he only gets paid $10.75 and hour and that isn't good enough. He started arguing loudly with a co-worker about her attitude, which I found was just fine. After a while of  listening, I couldn't take it anymore. I asked to talk to him. He stared at me and when I told him to either shut it or take it outside, he locked himself in the freezer.
I could see him through the glass doors and just waited. Who does that? It was the most weird confrontational experience I've ever had. And if you know me, you know I've had my share. :)

 I probably would've left it at that but I think him hiding from me confused me more than anything.

 I asked the girl he was yelling at if he is always like this, she said "Yes, so go ahead and yell at him". haha After a second of just staring at him, he came out and apologized. I told him to never talk to woman like that no matter how mad he is, especially in a public setting and to stop complaining about his job. I told him to be grateful for it because lots of people don't have them. The girls behind the counter just smirked along with everyone else at Panda Express. I got a few smiles and silent "Thank You's".

He deserved it.
And Chris and I ate the rest of our food in a nice public restaurant instead of a boxing match.
I asked Chris if he was embarrassed of me, he said "No, I was thinking someone should say something to him and of course it would be my pregnant wife". 


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