This blog post is not meant to creep anyone out but I thought it was kinda funny when Chris and I were talking..  
To start I have to say this blog is about watching people.. Not stalking people, just watching people. 
You can tell a lot by a person by just watching them. 
Like my momma always said "Watch what they do, not what they say". 
When I was in high school, I was a life guard, my job was to watch people. I learned a lot about different people in my community. I knew who was related to who, who was a bully and also who was modest or not when they came to the pool. 
The reason I bring this up is because I have had a few experiences with watching people lately that have either made me laugh or made me think twice about who I am. 
For example, Chris and I were at Subway the other day and there were two single guys in front of us. The girl behind the counter looked exhausted but still was very polite when asking what kind of veggies they wanted on their sandwich. Chris and I just laughed as we watched the boys try to "flirt" with this poor girl. She was not at the least bit interested so it was funny to watch them try so hard. P.S. I love being married. 
Chris and I usually walk up together to school if he has a test to take, I blog or something while he takes his test. Anyway, I was sitting in a lounge area while Chris was in the testing center and there were tons of kids walking around. I saw a girl had dropped her phone and didn't notice at all (Honestly, that shocked me). I just sat back and watched and sure enough some other guy ran over to it, picked it up and took it to her. I'm not saying I was shocked or that I think he deserved a gold star, I just thought for a second about myself. I thought about my actions and how I hope that when people are watching me, they will be pleased. 
Anyway, just my random thoughts I guess. 
Oh and also it's so weird to watch single people interact with the opposite sex. They are so funny sometimes. 


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