Saturday, March 10, 2012

what's the skinny?

Holy skinny jeans.
 They are everywhere. Normal jean colors and now hot pink, bright orange and stop sign red. What's the deal?! This is all just my opinion so if you already think my opinion sucks then stop reading. 
So here it is: The only way I think skinny jeans should be worn are inside boots, being that they are the only jeans that won't come "untucked". I admit I do own a pair and the I only wear them with my boots. 
They just don't look good. 
For girls with real woman hips and thighs, they made our behinds look about ten times bigger than normal (which really is not attractive, you think it is but it's not). 
And for the skinny ladies out there, I don't understand why you would want to make yourself look smaller. Are you aiming to look like a middle school girl? My opinion is, that instead of buying yourself those skinny jeans, go buy yourself a Big Mac. Please. Oh and let us not forget about all the boys out there who think looking skinny is hot. There is a reason you are still single. (Seriously I don't think I've met a boy that wears skinny jeans and is married).  Trust me when I say it's not attractive. I think I can speak for all the women out there when I say we want men who are big and strong, not guys who shop in the same department that we do. Am I wrong? 
Just my opinion. 
But seriously, when will this trend end? 

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