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Susan was asked to dog/puppy watch this week for a family that went out of town. It turns out that she is terribly allergic to all animals but she took the job anyway. Today she had to go over and feed them so she took me with.. and I fell in love. The mama had seven sweet little puppies and we were able to play with them.  There are four brown lab and three golden/white lab puppies and all are about six weeks old, I'm guessing. 

After playing around a while they wore out pretty fast. Chris turned this one on his back and he fell asleep immediately. And three of the puppies crawled over to Amanda and fell asleep along with her. 
I kept telling Chris I wanted one but he reminded me we have one coming.  Just thought cute little puppies could make your day! :)

Pregnancy and Prom

This baby boy has been growing like a weed. For six and a half months, I feel great. Other than the normal aches and pains, things are going wonderfully. Thor is also doing well.. as far as I can tell. He has just figured out how to elbow and knee me. It's a very odd feeling. 
Shirts are getting tighter and tighter but luckily for me, my friend Jill took me maternity shopping. I will have to post a fashion show with all of the new clothes I have. I am one lucky lady. Thank you Jill for making me feel like a princess, it was much needed. 
In other news, Chris is working harder than ever trying to find a job, study for his EMT and Anatomy classes and spend time with everyone. He is one busy guy. So far he loves his EMT class and Anatomy is another story. And he might have a lifeguard/swim teaching job by the end of the day. Fingers crossed. 
It's been fun living here and being around all of the high school happenings.. Susan had her Prom last week and it was a blast.. for me! S…

moved in and growing

We are officially moved in and loving it. It's only been a week so we'll see how long that lasts. :) Just kidding! We are so grateful to have this opportunity to save money and spend time with family. My brother was awesome and gave up his own room for us to take over the next four months. 
Chris and I have been looking for a car for several weeks and have not found one we love. It's hard when your budget is $4000.. it is possible though. Yesterday Chris and I found a car and we actually really like it. So we bought it!! Our first car! Thanks to mom and dad.  It isn't the sexiest thing ever but man was it a god deal. It's a 2000 Ford Taurus. Beautifully clean inside, it must have been garaged for several years. The dealer had a couple knobs to fix and then it is officially ours on Tuesday. 
Our biggest thing was to make sure Chris fit comfortably and that there was enough room for all of the baby things we will have shortly.  Both a check! We are very happy to hav…

23 weeks and moving

I am 23 weeks and we had an appointment on Monday, baby is doing great. They said he is still a bit bigger but that's to be expected. Look at my daddy and his daddy.. Not a fat joke. Oh and the doctor said I have gained only two pounds since being pregnant. He said, "That's very good". I told him since being married I have gained about 30 so I'm totally thrilled to not gain a ton while pregnant.   Here is a very great picture of me 23 weeks pregnant. I took it myself! Chris is taking a test. :) 

It took them a second to find his heartbeat because he was doing flips. That's his new thing.. future gymnast? It feels like my entire stomach is turning with him. It's the most weird feeling. I feel like I'm not a normal mom. Everyone I have talked to says feeling your baby move is the most exciting and great feeling during pregnancy but it seriously freaks me out. It's cool at first and then after a while, it kinda creeps me out. Is that normal? I don&#…