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23 weeks and moving

I am 23 weeks and we had an appointment on Monday, baby is doing great. They said he is still a bit bigger but that's to be expected. Look at my daddy and his daddy.. Not a fat joke. Oh and the doctor said I have gained only two pounds since being pregnant. He said, "That's very good". I told him since being married I have gained about 30 so I'm totally thrilled to not gain a ton while pregnant.  
Here is a very great picture of me 23 weeks pregnant. I took it myself! Chris is taking a test. :) 

It took them a second to find his heartbeat because he was doing flips. That's his new thing.. future gymnast? It feels like my entire stomach is turning with him. It's the most weird feeling. I feel like I'm not a normal mom. Everyone I have talked to says feeling your baby move is the most exciting and great feeling during pregnancy but it seriously freaks me out. It's cool at first and then after a while, it kinda creeps me out. Is that normal? I don't like watching my stomach move. I think it should only do that after eating too much Mexican. I know, I need to relax but please someone tell me you felt like that too.

Chris is taking all of his finals this week and he is so so ready for school to be over. I don't blame him. he has two biology tests this week. One regular and then the final. Lame. He is so great though. After he is done with homework and I'm tired of packing, he will rub my feet. He is so sweet. He won't do it without making fun of my puffy face and swollen feet though. :) I love him for that; he never lies to me, about anything, even if he maybe should. Like telling me my face has gotten "fat", I think were his words. haha

So we have started packing and our house is a disaster. It's going well. I am so excited to move!! It's going to be a great getaway. 

Okay back to packing. 


  1. Sweet Sarah! I am so with you :) Seeing your stomach move around on it's on is very creepy, alien like! lol

    Good luck with the move. At least your new neighbors are ones you like :)


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