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Susan's Graduation/Memorial Day 2012

My baby sister graduated last week and man is that weird. She said it's more weird that I'm pregnant. haha I can't believe how fast life goes. Anyway, her graduation was a lot different than mine. I think I had maybe 100 kids graduate in my class and she had almost 500. Good ole Utah. The actual graduation went great! Everyone's speech was short and sweet, just the way it should be. Then we took some pictures and went to the Outback for dinner. So proud of my Susan!

Yesterday marked week 31 for this pregnancy. And every week that passes makes me more and more excited to see this little man! I really can't complain too much because I've had it easy but I am wanting to be done. I've always heard that there comes a point when you just are done and I think I'm just about there. 
This Memorial Day was great!  We had some friends come up and visit for the day and of course we ate a lot of food. It started with a good game of kickball. I even hit a couple hom…

He's getting bigger! 30 weeks

I know it's probably hard to tell but he is getting bigger! I just barely started getting actual stretch marks.. fun fun. Good thing we have stretch mark cream and coca butter.  He is constantly moving around and has found where all of my nerves are. It's been fun watching him move and it's been even more fun watching Chris' face when he moves. Chris looks at me like I'm some sort of alien sometimes, and to be honest I don't blame him one bit. I swear this kid does jumping jacks and karate.  Thirty weeks down and ten more to go! Crazy!! I will be holding my big baby boy n about ten weeks, that's it.  I feel so ready and so unprepared all at the same time. We have the major things but I think there are some small things I am forgetting. That's what baby showers are for right?! 

Happenings lately

Lately things have been good!  On Sunday I started getting pretty ugly pains in my right side but honestly didn't think anything of it. I have heard and experienced, that the farther along you get, the more uncomfortable you get, so I took some tylenol. After a couple days of this non-stop pain I decided it was time to call the doc. He asked if it was on my right side and when I said yes, he said I want you to get an ultrasound. They called me back after scheduling an ultrasound for the next morning at 9:30.. I love my doctor! How often do you get to actually talk to your doctor and then get in the next morning? Not often. 
We went Wednesday morning and found I have a few gallstones and a very inflamed kidney. We also got to see our little boy, which made the problems seem not as bad. I loved seeing his tiny body moving around. My doctor said the best thing to do for the kidney was to take the baby, but that would be our very last option. He said for now I just have to deal with …

29 weeks!

Today marks week twenty-nine. I am doing alright; things are starting to get real uncomfortable and the braxton hicks don't seem to stop. I figured the end of the pregnancy would be a lot worse than the first part, considering I had it pretty easy. I usually just take naps all night long, I don't sleep anymore which is frustrating, but we are down to just over ten weeks left and I will have a beautiful baby boy after all of this. 
A couple new things, I found a doctor that I love! One of my mom's friends suggested him and I am so grateful that she did. He is an amazing guy. He works with a couple of nurses and a physicians assistant. They were more than kind and informative to us. He said that he is just there to help and he will do and not do whatever we want, which I love! 
We have also kind of picked out a name... I say kind of because on days when I need a name it's Owen Charles, and then on days I don't, I switch it around. I am not one of those mom's who…

An Update

So Chris got the job!! He is now the head coach for the Provo Swim Team this summer and he will either be life guarding or teaching swimming lessons also. I think he is actually more than happy to just have a job. This economy is getting crazy and I realize more and more everyday how grateful I am for a husband who is willing to go to school. Although it isn't his first choice, he is being a trooper. He starts next week.  As for me, I have found myself a project for the week.
I've hit 27 weeks and I am still feeling great! Feet and hands are starting to swell up and baby boy had the hiccups for the first time today. Still a very odd feeling..

Last week Chris and I were taking Jeff to water polo practice and I saw this beautiful dresser on the side of the highway that had a FREE sign on it. On our way back from dropping him off we stopped to check it out. Other  than needing a little love this thing was awesome! We went home, got the suburban and drove back to load it up. So t…