Monday, May 14, 2012

29 weeks!

Today marks week twenty-nine. I am doing alright; things are starting to get real uncomfortable and the braxton hicks don't seem to stop. I figured the end of the pregnancy would be a lot worse than the first part, considering I had it pretty easy. I usually just take naps all night long, I don't sleep anymore which is frustrating, but we are down to just over ten weeks left and I will have a beautiful baby boy after all of this. 

A couple new things, I found a doctor that I love! One of my mom's friends suggested him and I am so grateful that she did. He is an amazing guy. He works with a couple of nurses and a physicians assistant. They were more than kind and informative to us. He said that he is just there to help and he will do and not do whatever we want, which I love! 

We have also kind of picked out a name... I say kind of because on days when I need a name it's Owen Charles, and then on days I don't, I switch it around. I am not one of those mom's who will wait to see my baby's face to name him. I will have it all picked out by the time we get to the hospital. Owen came out of nowhere, we just like it. It's a little different but not crazy and Charles is my dad's middle name. We just like it. 

So here I am, 29 weeks!! 
This picture doesn't exactly show the belly as much as I wanted it to.. so I had Chris take another. 

There we are! Oh, at my last appointment he said I was measuring a week bigger than normal.. which makes complete sense, when you look at my husband. Other than that, our little man is doing swell!

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