He's getting bigger! 30 weeks

I know it's probably hard to tell but he is getting bigger! I just barely started getting actual stretch marks.. fun fun. Good thing we have stretch mark cream and coca butter. 
He is constantly moving around and has found where all of my nerves are. It's been fun watching him move and it's been even more fun watching Chris' face when he moves. Chris looks at me like I'm some sort of alien sometimes, and to be honest I don't blame him one bit. I swear this kid does jumping jacks and karate. 
Thirty weeks down and ten more to go! Crazy!! I will be holding my big baby boy n about ten weeks, that's it. 
I feel so ready and so unprepared all at the same time. We have the major things but I think there are some small things I am forgetting. That's what baby showers are for right?! 


  1. Yay! Isn't weird feeling him move? The weirdest part for me came at the end when I would wake up to them stretching out out my belly like it was too confining.

    Mothers Blend is THE BEST stretch mark cream ever! I used it with Lexi & didn't get any stretch marks until 2 weeks before she was born when I stopped using it. If you don't want to get any more, buy it here & put it on twice a day:



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