Susan's Graduation/Memorial Day 2012

My baby sister graduated last week and man is that weird. She said it's more weird that I'm pregnant. haha I can't believe how fast life goes. Anyway, her graduation was a lot different than mine. I think I had maybe 100 kids graduate in my class and she had almost 500. Good ole Utah. The actual graduation went great! Everyone's speech was short and sweet, just the way it should be. Then we took some pictures and went to the Outback for dinner. So proud of my Susan!

Yesterday marked week 31 for this pregnancy. And every week that passes makes me more and more excited to see this little man! I really can't complain too much because I've had it easy but I am wanting to be done. I've always heard that there comes a point when you just are done and I think I'm just about there. 

This Memorial Day was great! 
We had some friends come up and visit for the day and of course we ate a lot of food. It started with a good game of kickball. I even hit a couple home runs.. thanks to Cooper (my runner). 

Then we headed up Payson Canyon to the Grotto, a small hike with a waterfall at the end. It was just the perfect hike for me..very short. :) I'm not much of a hiker, Chris tried when we lived in Hawaii and it just isn't my thing.

 We went back home and started up the bbq. It was a wonderful day and I'm grateful I was able to spend it with my family and friends. I'm grateful for the women and men who have fought for our country and the freedoms we have today. 


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