An Update

So Chris got the job!! He is now the head coach for the Provo Swim Team this summer and he will either be life guarding or teaching swimming lessons also. I think he is actually more than happy to just have a job. This economy is getting crazy and I realize more and more everyday how grateful I am for a husband who is willing to go to school. Although it isn't his first choice, he is being a trooper. He starts next week. 
As for me, I have found myself a project for the week.
I've hit 27 weeks and I am still feeling great! Feet and hands are starting to swell up and baby boy had the hiccups for the first time today. Still a very odd feeling..

Last week Chris and I were taking Jeff to water polo practice and I saw this beautiful dresser on the side of the highway that had a FREE sign on it. On our way back from dropping him off we stopped to check it out. Other  than needing a little love this thing was awesome! We went home, got the suburban and drove back to load it up. So that's what I've been up to; restoring this wonderful piece of furniture.

After long hours painting and rebuilding this is how it turned out!! I love it! I'm thinking I will use it in the baby's room and possibly double as a changing table on top. Who knows though..

My mom even added some dresser lining paper (or whatever it's called).
It looks so so great!

That's the update. Hope your weekend is fantastic! 


  1. Good job, Sar! That looks great!

  2. Wow!! What a great find! You did an excellent job.

  3. Love the dresser. The color is great. Wow great find!!


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