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Oceanside Beach Vacation Part 1

This week Chris and I were lucky enough to tag along with the family to Oceanside California for a nice vacation. My grandpa is king at the whole timeshare thing and to be honest I don't even know how they work; but somehow he hooked us up big time! So thank you grandpa and parents for the beautiful timeshare!!  Here are some pictures of what it looks like. 
The view from our deck. 

The Oceanside Pier (Mark the fact finder found that this pier is  one of the longest in California, 1,942 feet. 
A very bad picture of our place..  The glass wall has a beautiful pool behind it. 

The master suite.. These are so out of order.

Owen and I in front of the pier. :)

There will be more pictures to post later. We aren't done with the vacation yet! Tomorrow we are headed up to see Chris' family!! So excited! 

34 weeks!!

Look at my big baby boy! He is growing like crazy and I can hardly wait to see his little face! I know I keep saying the same things but there isn't much else to say. I can't see my toes, shave my legs, sit for longer than ten minutes without having to pee and sleeping is getting a lot more uncomfortable.  It will all be worth it right? 
The doctor today said everything is going swell. He is measuring right on and other than my kidney problem I am doing pretty dandy myself. He said baby Owen is growing just perfectly and he should be here in about four to six weeks! What a lovely anniversary/birthday present to me! I turn 20 on the 11th, he should be here around the 30th and our two year anniversary is August 21st. So many reasons to celebrate these upcoming weeks. 
In other news, Chris is doing great and learning to love his job. He coaches the Provo swim team and also teaches swimming lessons. He loves dealing with the ten year old boys that fight over everything. :)  He is…

thirty-three weeks but who's counting?

So I decided I'm over this.  Nine months is a freaking long time to be pregnant. I applaud every woman who has had more than one child, because as of right this very second, I'm not sure I want to do this again. I'm sure it will change someday but not right now.  I'm over being uncomfortable and hurting.  I'm over being kicked in the spine and bladder.  I'm over feeling like a balloon.  That was my venting.
On the bright side, I do get something very special out of this and I'm thrilled about that.  I feel like I'm always wondering what he will look like, more like me or more like his daddy? I just want to hold his little body and stare at him. I think I could look at newborn babies all day long. They are so funny to watch. I truly am grateful that I am able to be a mom. I'm grateful that it was so easy for me to get pregnant and start my little family.
 I recently had a friend lose her three week old baby and it has never more been clear how grate…

Baby shower in Mesquite

Last weekend my sister and mother in law threw me a beautiful baby shower down in Mesquite. It was such a great idea because all of my old friends were able to come. Amy and Jill put so much time and talent into this shower and I'm so grateful for them.  Pictures were taken by Amy.  This cake was made by a few different people.. The actual cake was made by Amy and boy was it delicious. The fondant/decorative outside was made by Natalie Anderson and the cute whale and baby on the surfboard were made by Aunt Lisa. I couldn't believe how much detail was on this wonderful cake. Thank you ladies :)  

Amy put together baby food jars and filled them with Jell-O. 

The Hafens found the limited edition Hawaiian Huggies. :) Too cute!
Playing the "Dirty Diaper" game.. and loving it. 
Aloha shirt 
Grandma and I eating
The prizes for the games

Loving my blown up face. :) 
The group!
Measuring my belly game.