Baby shower in Mesquite

Last weekend my sister and mother in law threw me a beautiful baby shower down in Mesquite. It was such a great idea because all of my old friends were able to come. Amy and Jill put so much time and talent into this shower and I'm so grateful for them. 
Pictures were taken by Amy. 
This cake was made by a few different people.. The actual cake was made by Amy and boy was it delicious. The fondant/decorative outside was made by Natalie Anderson and the cute whale and baby on the surfboard were made by Aunt Lisa. I couldn't believe how much detail was on this wonderful cake. Thank you ladies :)  

Amy put together baby food jars and filled them with Jell-O. 

The Hafens found the limited edition Hawaiian Huggies. :) Too cute!

Playing the "Dirty Diaper" game.. and loving it. 

Aloha shirt 

Grandma and I eating

The prizes for the games

Loving my blown up face. :) 

The group!

Measuring my belly game.

The group w Amy :) 

Love, love, love this little beanie hat! So stinking cute!! Thanks Chelsea/Chris.

I had a great time at the baby shower and I'm so grateful for all the friends and family I have. It couldn't have gone better. Thank you!!! 

Also, I'm just about 33 weeks and I had a doc appointment yesterday. He said everything is looking great, he is measuring right on and is in the position he is suppose to be in! So we are all ready to go! :) We will see him a just a few short weeks. Crazy! 


  1. It was so fun! I am glad you liked it! I don't know how I made so many pictures blurry! Sorry about that!


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