Oceanside Beach Vacation Part 1

This week Chris and I were lucky enough to tag along with the family to Oceanside California for a nice vacation. My grandpa is king at the whole timeshare thing and to be honest I don't even know how they work; but somehow he hooked us up big time! So thank you grandpa and parents for the beautiful timeshare!! 
Here are some pictures of what it looks like. 

The view from our deck. 

The Oceanside Pier (Mark the fact finder found that this pier is 
one of the longest in California, 1,942 feet. 

A very bad picture of our place.. 
The glass wall has a beautiful pool behind it. 

The master suite.. These are so out of order.

Owen and I in front of the pier. :)

There will be more pictures to post later. We aren't done with the vacation yet! Tomorrow we are headed up to see Chris' family!! So excited! 


  1. I like that you said, "Owen and I." :)
    I'm glad you guys are having a fun vacation!


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