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Owen Charles

Where to start.. so you know, I just gave birth so my words are hard to put together right now..  Anyway.. I had an appointment on the 17th and Dr. Anderson stripped my membranes. I had a lot of cramping afterward but I heard that was normal so I went about my daily business. The next morning I started getting what I thought were painful contractions so I started timing and they were around five to seven minutes apart.  Chris left for work and I told to come to the hospital when he was done because I knew that this was it. After timing the contractions for a few hours we checked into the hospital. They checked to see if I was dilated at all and I was a four. They watched me for an hour and checked again and nothing. I was still having contractions but they just weren't big enough. The nurse told me to come back when they were a lot worse. We left for home and around seven that night the contractions were almost to the point of unbearable. I actually laughed at myself for thinking…

New news!

We have some new happenings going on in the Hendrickson family.  First, we are still pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of  our sweet baby boy Owen! I know it's not very new but the appointments every week are making me feel like it is.We are so close, it's not even funny. I'm about done with this whole thing. Contractions are getting more real and very uncomfortable which is just great, really, I love that things are changing. He also said that baby has moved way down into the birth canal and is ready to come whenever my body is. Here's hoping my body is ready tonight. :)

UPDATE: Just had a doc appointment and things are looking swell! I'm three centimeters dilated and 90% effaced!!! I had no clue what that meant so when he explained that I need to be 100% to have the baby, you can imagine the look on my face! He stripped my membranes, which was not at all as painful or horrific as I've heard, and then told me all the signs of labor I should be lookin…

Boy Oh Boy!

We had a doctor appointment today and we were able to hear the heartbeat of our sweet baby Owen. I think I am falling in love with this kid.. I love hearing his heartbeat. The doctor checked to see if I had dilated at all and I am at a 1.5! He said that everything is going well and he should be here within the next several weeks. How scary/fun?!  The closer and closer it gets, the more we are excited! I cannot wait to meet this little man.  Oh and a couple friends of mine in the ward are going to throw me baby shower up here! I am just being spoiled rotten and I'm loving it!  Here's me at 36 weeks and wanting to have this baby as soon as I can.