New news!

We have some new happenings going on in the Hendrickson family. 
First, we are still pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of  our sweet baby boy Owen! I know it's not very new but the appointments every week are making me feel like it is.We are so close, it's not even funny. I'm about done with this whole thing. Contractions are getting more real and very uncomfortable which is just great, really, I love that things are changing. He also said that baby has moved way down into the birth canal and is ready to come whenever my body is. Here's hoping my body is ready tonight. :)

UPDATE: Just had a doc appointment and things are looking swell! I'm three centimeters dilated and 90% effaced!!! I had no clue what that meant so when he explained that I need to be 100% to have the baby, you can imagine the look on my face! He stripped my membranes, which was not at all as painful or horrific as I've heard, and then told me all the signs of labor I should be looking for. Since then I've had a few contractions and I'm looking forward to the next ones! I want to see this baby!!

Me at the doctor's today.. Getting ready to have my membranes stripped.

These are car seats covers I have been given. So stinking cute!!
The polka dots are on the back.

I love all of the little animals

Second bit of news, Chris has made up his mind about what profession he will be pursuing. Which we are both just ecstatic about! For a while we were thinking we were going to do medical school, but I felt like every time we talked about it, it was more stressful than anything and Chris never seemed too in love with it. But this summer Chris took an EMT class and had to get some hours in at a fire station. He came back smiling and couldn't stop talking about it. He looked into it a little more and decided that's what he wanted to do. So, he is going to get his paramedic and then go to the fire academy somewhere down here. We have heard there is a great paramedic program at UVU, so we will apply there first. This also means that we will be graduated and out of Rexburg by next April!! Woohoo!! I love this idea more and more. He is thrilled and I am too! We both feel so much better about it than we did about med school and we are really loving the fact that's it's a fourth of the debt and it also means more family time. That's the plan for now!

Third, I have been slowly trying to collect things for my little apartment in Rexburg. I have found some pretty sweet deals and I am so excited to decorate! Here's what I found and also a couple new projects I've started and my mom will probably end up finishing. Sorry mom. :)

I found these beauties at TJ-Maxx.. Chris just laughed and asked "But why a peacock"?

My mom and I went to the D.I. and found this sweet entertainment center.. I know it's not the prettiest thing around but trust me it will be!  I'm going to take the glass door off and fill the shelves with wicker baskets.

And also paint it a blue, something along these lines..
I also found a beautiful gold mirror for only $20. (The mirror below isn't the exact one, but it's close)

I'm so excited my little house is all coming together. :)

Oh, I found out that I am the third highest ranked person in the ward for indexing. I know, kinda lame but I love it! It's really addicting and it's not like there is much more I can do.

Anyway, I think that's all for now and hopefully my next post will have pictures of my baby boy! :)


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