Monday, July 23, 2012

Owen Charles

Where to start.. so you know, I just gave birth so my words are hard to put together right now.. 
I had an appointment on the 17th and Dr. Anderson stripped my membranes. I had a lot of cramping afterward but I heard that was normal so I went about my daily business. The next morning I started getting what I thought were painful contractions so I started timing and they were around five to seven minutes apart.  Chris left for work and I told to come to the hospital when he was done because I knew that this was it. After timing the contractions for a few hours we checked into the hospital. They checked to see if I was dilated at all and I was a four. They watched me for an hour and checked again and nothing. I was still having contractions but they just weren't big enough. The nurse told me to come back when they were a lot worse. We left for home and around seven that night the contractions were almost to the point of unbearable. I actually laughed at myself for thinking the ones earlier were painful. I decided it really was time to go but before that I had Chris and my dad give me a blessing. The car ride to the hospital was probably the worst of it all. When we got there, they put me in a wheelchair and in we went. 
The nurse checked to see how dilated I was and sure enough, these contractions were doing something, a six. She asked if I wanted the epidural right in the middle of a contraction and I think I yelled "YES"! The anesthesiologist gave me the epidural (which was not painful at all) and things went up from there. I really couldn't tell when I was having a contraction, it was magic. All of the sudden I was happy and ready to go. 
An hour later, the nurse checked me again and I had jumped to an eight. Then it took a couple hours for me to get to a ten. The epidural was great because I felt enough of my legs to move them and I could feel when it was time to push, but enough of me was numb that I wasn't screaming in pain. It was the perfect happy medium. 
 I honestly can't remember exactly what time things happened but I know I pushed for a good hour and a half and then at 3:20, my little boy came to join the family. It was the most surreal feeling. I had Chris on one side and my mom on the other. As soon as he was out, doctor Anderson laid him across my chest. It was the most scary but amazing feeling, knowing that I made this little person and that he is mine. That he just left the presence of our Heavenly Father and that Chris and I get to raise him. It's the most overwhelming feeling. 
The next day in the hospital was harder than I thought. Other than people coming in to poke me, I couldn't believe how sore and hurt I was. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it sure wasn't that. Like I just got hit by a truck and then a train. 
Coming home was good. It's been incredible to have my mom and family here who more than willing to help me out. I know that there is no way I could do this without them. Chris has been amazing too. He is turning into one great dad. I love watching him coo over his new buddy. I was just telling Chris that Heavenly Father know's exactly what he's doing.. they are so addicting yet so tiring. 
So he now five days old and doing so well. He sleeps all of time and is getting better and better at night. I think he is taking it easy on us because he see's how much we struggle. 
I only have a couple pictures of after the birth but my mom blogged more of them so if you want to see, check it out here. 
Chris has been taking pictures like crazy..
This baby loves having his hands up. 

This was our two in the morning close up. 
(His hands are really not that huge.. just a weird angle)

Trying hard to focus.

My sweet boys

We love our baby Owen and I could not have asked for a better birth experience. I'm so proud to be his mom and I know it will just get better from here on out. 


  1. Congratulations! We are so, so excited for you. I am so glad you had such a great birth experience, and hope you are recovering quickly. He is beautiful!

  2. Congrats! He is so perfect! We are so excited for you and SO excited to meet him! Hope you are feeling well. I showed Brady the pictures and he kept asking , "Is that our baby?" He doesn't quite get that ours is actually inside me- for 4 more months!

  3. Oh Sarah! He IS perfect! Congratulations. What a cutie. There are lots of surprises (Both good and bad) ahead, but I know you will do great! If you ever have any questions I'd love to chat :)

  4. So happy for you guys!!! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. I already LOVE him to death!!! I can't wait to meet him! Thanks for sharing!! I loved hearing your birth story!!! It get me super excited for me to give birth who knows when ;). We are coming to visit soon!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!