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Six weeks and growing!

I recently took some pictures of my cute little babe and while looking back at them I realized he is getting chunky!! He wouldn't be considered gigantic or huge in other people's sight but in mine he is. I can't believe how big he's gotten in just the last week. He is six weeks as of yesterday and I am loving him even more than before. He started smiling and making sounds, which completely melts my heart. He is going to be so fun and I'm so so so glad we are past the first month. People tried to tell me just how hard the first month is and I didn't understand until I made it through. I know there will be more trying and difficult times but the first couple weeks are just plain hell. BUT we're past that and I'm loving this whole mom thing! It's so fun!!Just look at this sweet guy!  This is around a week old.

And now! Look at those cheeks! Yes, I do kiss them ALL day long.

He has gotten so long too.
This baby boy is growing like a weed and we love it…

Baby Face

This kid cracks me up. He makes this face every time after he eats.  Oh how I love, love, love him. 

Two great years and a very busy week

I have been trying for a week now to post something to this blog and it just hasn't happened until now. Susan  (the baby whisperer) got O to sleep FINALLY!  We've has a long hard couple of days. But for now, I have some time. 
These past few weeks have been tremendously exhausting. My mom tells me "I'm learning love". 
This post is going to be super random and full of baby pictures so hang on.  First of all Chris and I have been married for two years on the 21st! We celebrated our second anniversary by going to Red Robin and baby slept the whole time. It has been a good, hard two years and I love Chris more than ever. He has made me one happy girl and I am truly lucky to have him in my life.  Secondly,  Mr. O has been doing great. He screams, poops and sleeps, usually in that order. He has gained almost three pounds and he is just over five weeks! It really has flown by. 
This is this modeling shot. 
And his drunk baby face
I figured out the Moby wrap and we bot…