Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Idaho

First of all can you believe my baby is two months?? I can't. It's true, they grow so fast! But I am not one bit sad about that. I'm excited for the new stage of his life, when he will smile and laugh at me. He is a pretty happy baby and he does smile a lot but we're excited to be entering the next phase where maybe, just maybe he will sleep a little better at night. :) His new thing is "talking" and how can I be frustrated at that, even if he does keep me up all night long? He also just figured out how to make noises. He is one talkative guy and I know he will just get louder. He is so fun. Chris and I just adore him.
Trying to help him fall asleep but he kept making me laugh

Lately he likes to put his face straight down
( See my projects in the background?)

Daddy and baby

On our way outside last night..

Good morning! His onesie says I'm hungry

As for us, we are doing fantastic. Things up here in Iceberg are great so far. We moved in (to our TOP floor apartment) and I finally started decorating my little place. We are still trying to put things in it's place but it's coming together, slowly.  The neighbors are great and we are happy to be in family ward. Chris has a pretty easy class schedule this semester so that means more family time. Which I, of  course, am a huge fan of. I went from having six other people to help me with O and now it's down just me. Chris helps out as much as he can. He is a wonderful father.

O's room so far.. still unpacking boxes

So Chris and I went out for a walk last night and as we were on our way back to the apartment, standing on the corner of main street and we totally got mooned by some brilliant college boys. Nice huh? They were so close, Chris would've smacked them if he had thought of it sooner. In all of the places, I guess a college town is where it happens right?

In other news I have been working on the chairs for our kitchen table. We were given a nice table but it was too dark and I didn't like it so I decided to repaint it white. It turned out great but I didn't have chairs to go with it. Long story short, I found some old ugly chairs and repainted and reupholstered them. I also haven't quite figured out my style yet, well I have, but it doesn't quite fit my budget so everything I have is either old and turned new and clean or given to us.. so things don't really match. But that's the style now, mismatched everything. Have you seen some of the clothes people wear now days? Anyway..I had and idea and here are some of the before, during and after pictures.


Ugly green and old school plaid


Crazy huh? I absolutely love them! :) And while I was looking for fabric I came across what was destined to happen.. the very SAME print that is on the canvas' I found at TJ Maxx in Orem, I found in Idaho Falls.

The finished product: 

I have a couple other projects I'm working on:

We love them! I am happy, Chris is happy and the little babe is happy. Life is fantastic right about now. 
 I think that's it, I'm sure there will be more awesome pictures of chunky O to post soon. :) 


  1. Those chairs turned out so cute!! I love all your other projects too! You are so crafty!

  2. Boy, the chairs look WAY better than when we picked them up. You two did a GREAT job! Oh, and we really miss lil' O...just so you know.

  3. Love the chairs!!! So happy you guys are doing well, what a cute family!