Monday, September 24, 2012


Chris, O and I took off on Sunday to visit the family's for Ryan's mission farewell. He is going into the MTC on Wednesday so we figured we probably ought to say our goodbyes. We were going to wait until today after Chris got done with school but I didn't want to and it didn't take much convincing to get Chris on board. So we made it and the little guy only screamed for about an hour, he does pretty well on long car rides.. if he's fed. 

Today we took him to the pediatrician and little did I know, he was due for some shots. :( I never thought I would get so emotional about this sort of thing but man I was. He is just shy of 13 pounds (6o percentile for his age) and he is 23 inches long (8o percentile for his age). He has doubled his birth weight in just two months and he is tall just like his daddy. He was pretty hungry already and then the "shot" guy came in.. that's when I left. Chris said he did pretty well but I don't believe it. My poor little man. 

Bath time. I guess one good thing about getting shots is he is very cuddly. 

We didn't even ask for a Thor band-aid. We actually didn't even notice until we were getting him ready for a bath. I guess that really is meant to be his nickname. :) 

 Happy baby spending time with grandpa. 

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