4 months and other AWESOME news

I have the best news!
 Chris found out he will be able to graduate in DECEMBER instead of April!! We are out of Rexburg that much sooner. We are so thrilled to finally be moving forward and start making money instead of losing it. College life isn't really all it's cracked up to be. In the words of my dad, "It's just a hoop jumping contest". The funny part is he will actually get his degree from BYU Hawaii not Idaho. At this point, he just wants to be done so he emailed his counselor in Hawaii and asked what it would take to get a degree. She said he has everything to get a University Studies degree and possibly an Exercise Science degree (what he has been aiming for). She still needs to check on some things about the EXS but either way we are done! Which is a huge, gigantic blessing for us. Then it's on to paramedic school and job applying. I am so incredibly proud of Chris for sticking with it and coming out victorious! He has logged in so many hours studying and doing homework. I am so grateful to him for getting his degree and being happy and willing to support our family! 
Truly the love of my life!!

Owen is four months as of yesterday! So so crazy. He is rolling over and already trying to get onto his knees if he is determined enough. Every time his back touches the floor, he rolls over. We tried some baby food for the first time on Monday. He wasn't quite sure what to do or think about it but we have given him a little more each day and he doesn't seem to mind, it's not his favorite but he does alright. I just can't seem to keep up with him. 
Things are great and I will be sure to update more often.


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