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we rock at being parents

This last week I was kindly welcomed into the parenting club. I tried for so long to be strong but life has a way of kicking you when you're down, or kicking my baby when he's down. 

Poor baby Owen has had a pretty rough week. 
 I came home from Soup-er Saturday and set O (in his car seat still strapped in) on the table. He was happy so I left to sit at the table with Chris. I went in the kitchen to start the dishes. Next thing I know Owen was on the floor face down, screaming. I ran to pick him up and he was still holding his breath, soon to be the most sad scream I've ever heard. Chris ran in from the bedroom to see both O and I bawling. Apparently Chris has unbuckled him before he went to grab something from the other room. Owen has been kicking himself out of his bouncer seat lately so I was not at all questioning how he did it. I was just hear broken that it happened. He busted his lip but not horribly. Chris tried to help the situation by saying  "Well, it took us four months to drop him". I love that guy. :) 
My poor baby.

I'm going to add some adorable pictures to show he's still living.
Sorry it's a little blurry. 

We had his four month check up yesterday and it went all wrong. It started off great. He said that Owen is the strongest four month old he's ever seen. He can lift his head and stand up without wobbling at all. He weighed in at 16 pounds and was 26 inches long, in the 90th percentile (surprise, surprise). Dr. Jones said he would not be surprised if he started crawling soon. And he for sure is teething. (Which also helps to make this week great) Then comes the bad part.. We had him circumcised when he was born (now rethinking that) and since then the skin has grown back. Dr. Jones said that is completely normal but this time it had grown back pretty good. He tried putting numbing cream and then pulling the skin back but that wasn't working. While he was doing that, there were two nurses on each leg to give him shots. After a couple failed attempts he said he would have to give him a shot of lidocaine and then try again with a probe, which totally makes it sounds just as bad as it was. I ended up leaving the room because I knew I was either going to yell a Dr. Jones again or cry. I really did yell at the doc to stop hurting him. He just laughed and said he get's that a lot. Go figure! 

He finally got it and we went home. Owen screamed for about an hour and then fell asleep. This poor guy. He slept for a solid four hours and woke up like nothing happened. He was super smiley and happy just like he usually is. He seriously is awesome! Today he woke up happy and has been all day. This guys is a champ! 
We do clothe him, he's just so much happier when he's not.. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

So into the parenting club we were welcomed. Thanks life. 


  1. The same thing happened w/ Calvin and if I had another boy, I would put up a huge fight before circumcising. Tyler was all for it, but I was never sure what the big deal is. So we don't cut off a part of his body? So what? I hated watching the dr do that too. And then we had to keep pushing it back at home so it didn't do it AGAIN! Next time, I am pro-foreskin! :)


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