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I'm back!

My little man is six months old already. I thought I would never say this but time truly does fly by. I can't believe it.. I feel like I just brought him home. Don't get me wrong I am happy that he is growing up. He is so much fun. He is sleeping better, eating better.. and furniture walking.. ya. I'm pretty sure he is going to just skip the crawling stage. He is already pulling himself up on things, hence the bruises on his cheek and forehead. 
I thought I couldn't add anymore pictures but apparently I was wrong. So I'm back!  Chris just got accepted to UVU and he now needs to apply for the paramedic program there. We are praying that works out. He also just got a fantastic part time job at BYU doing Fire Sprinkler Inspection (I think that's the job title) and he loves it! We have quadrupled out income!! :) So he is keeping busy doing that and also applying for another part time job.  I have started many projects that I need to finish. I started a denim quilt…


Sometimes I get sick of/bored with blogs that are always about their kids and I'm trying really hard to not be that person but that's all I know right now..  Speaking of.. haha Owen's second tooth pushed through a few days ago. He now has two dagger like teeth on the bottom. He constantly has something in his mouth, toys, my shirts, his toes, etc. He is sitting up by himself and loves it. He thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. He laughs a lot more now and wants to crawl so badly. He's up on all fours rocking back and so close!

I wanted to start blogging about this whole new mom thing, the truth about everything and the trials and joys of it all.. So I'm still debating and I think if I am it will be a more personal blog. Friends are welcome to read, give advice and comment but I don't want the whole world to see. I might make it private. Anyway.. just stick around and someday I might make up my mind.

Also I need some help... Blogger will n…