A Valentines Day to remember

Sorry it's sooo late..  but I know you'll understand.
This Valentines Day was a little different than the previous ones. We had a six month old with us.. that should explain it all in itself. I guess a two year old might be worse but.. well you can see for yourself.
 Just a head's up, I probably didn't handle the situation with my complete brain in tact so just stop your judgement here. :) 
 Anyway, Chris came home from work and we decided to go out for an early dinner. Hoping to beat the rush, we totally didn't. Apparently everyone had the same idea. We waited for about 35 minutes and by that time Owen was pretty much fed up with the whole idea. Side note: Olive Garden did not have my favorite entree on the menu anymore, which just added to the stress. After we ordered and were waiting for our food we tried to make Owen as happy as possible but he was just getting more agitated. Chris offered to hold him  and found Owens' behind was wet. 
I took O into the women's bathroom to change him and after pulling BOTH of his onesie's up, there it was, crap all the way to his shoulders and through his outfit. And the best part.. I didn't have anything else to put him in. So he's changed and happy and I have to pee.. so what do I do? I took him in the stall with me and set him on the floor (I know, gross!). It also just so happened that it was that time of the month..of course right?! I was trying to hurry and do my business and the next thing I know, Owen is crawling into the next stall!!! You would not believe how fast I zipped my zipper! I ran into the next stall, picked him up and hurried on out into the lobby, where at least a hundred people were waiting. As I walked back to my table I could just feel the judgmental glares I was getting for not putting a shirt on my baby. And I didn't bring my diaper bag with me, I just brought a diaper and a couple wipes so I had to wad up the two crapped on onesie's and carry them through the crowd.
Finally we sat down to eat and Owen took a whole handful of my, now cold, food in his hands. Right then I knew it was time to go, that I would not be eating my Olive Garden dinner with my hot husband in a romantic setting. Nope, I would be trying not to pull my hair out and curl up in a ball. That's okay because it made for a good story.

I also want to say that I am not complaining. I am simply saying it was a Valentine's day to remember. And I am so incredibly grateful to be a mom and a wife to two boys who love me more than anything. And we already told Becca we would pay her to watch O next year. :)

Oh and he is full on climbing up the stairs and couches and coffee tables..
seven months going on two years.


  1. Oh, Sarah! lol, been there :) At least you had wipes! I took my little dude in to change a "wet diaper" and found he was poopy, and then he peed all over the clothes he was wearing and me... lol, we just went home :D


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