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30 Things Day 1- 20 Random Facts About Me

     I found this cute blog the other day and the author of it did an awesome list of topics to post about. So I think I am going to take a stab at it. I feel like my posts are always about Owen and to be honest, I get a little bored with it so you have to be also. Also, cautionary warning.. these 30 things ask some pretty interesting questions that could come with some very open answers. And if you didn't know already, I'm an open book.

 Here we go, it's going to be fun!!

20 Random Facts About Me

1.  I have my dad's toes. The curl. I have grown to.. accept them for I cannot change them.

2. I have lived in Idaho, twice, California, Oregon (moved there three different times), Nevada (moved there twice) Utah (that's three moves) and Hawaii. That's a total of 12 moves in my 21 years of life.

3. I can get a little (or a lot) nervous driving next to Semi trucks. I seriously speed past them on the freeway just to get around them.

4. I love to rearrange furniture and things in my house. I get it from my mom. 

5. I love MAC makeup. I used to just use whatever they had at Wal Mart, then we moved to Hawaii and nothing worked in that humidity. My friend (a former Disney princess) told me that she uses MAC. I tried it and fell in love! 

6. I played volleyball and softball in high school (and swam for half a season) until my shoulder fell out of place. Then I had surgery and watched my teammates play my senior year, which I thought was the end of the world until I grew up. Funny how that works. :) 

6. I want to travel the world! Fiji, Italy, Switzerland, Belize, Greece, Tahiti..oh anywhere. Hawaii sparked my interest in the islands. Would never live on an island, but would LOVE to travel and see.  

This is just Hawaii, but doesn't it make you want to travel?

7. In high school, I got pulled over SIX times! Two of those got me a ticket(s). But living in a very small town comes in handy, when your friends with the judges' daughter and he also likes your parents. I paid those tickets in chocolate chip cookies. Oh the glory days!

8. I love history. Thanks to my dad we grew up searching for ghost towns and exploring cemeteries. How people use to live without modern day advancements really interests me. How did they do it?!

I wasn't kidding..

9. I'm mildly in love with the 20's era. I love the way they dressed!! Flapper dresses and huge fur coats. That may have started when I was a senior and read the Great Gatsby aka the only book I read in hs.

10.  Not an animal lover or hater (well cats, who likes 'em?) I don't like seeing animals mistreated but I am definitely not going to save one from the shelter. 

11. Hate my church calling right now. I usually try to make the best of whatever I get and it turns out well for me. This is not the case.. I am "the floater". Seriously, they call me that. Isn't that something in your drink? Gross. I am the floater of Primary. I sub for people who don't show up, I keep the bad kids on my lap and I make sure when the sunbeams have to pee, they make it to the toilet. (Okay maybe not the last one)  How do you make the best of that??? 

12. I took piano lessons when I was in middle school (against my will) and quit a couple months into. My mom said I would regret it and.. you thought I was going to say I do. Nope. Still don't. 

13. My mom had to literally shove me into sports to get me to try out and play because I was to nervous and scared. The first day of swim lessons, she pushed me in the pool and the first day of volleyball tryouts she shoved me onto the court. And I thank her for it because I ended up loving it. 

14. One of my favorite things to do is host a party or dinner party. I love seeing people getting to know each other and laugh and eat. Just waiting for a house to start the partying at. :) 

15. Remember those lists we made as girls of what we wanted in a husband? Mine seriously says (from 12 years old) "A hot surfer" and "firefighter". And guess what? I got it!

Told ya. 

16. I tried to make not all of these about Owen.. haha This gospel and Owen make me happy. I can't imagine going through this life not knowing that I get him and Chris for eternity. 

17.  I have only had two jobs. Life guarding and teaching swim lessons. And I loved it. I worked with most of my friends from high school and even though it would get as high as 110 degrees while working, it was still so much fun. Well, I cleaned vacation rentals in Hawaii. That should count for something.

18. I hate scary movies/TV shows. Jeff told me about the Walking Dead and how "awesome" it is. So we watched it and I had nightmares for weeks. Legitimately scared. I still run up the stairs after I turn the lights off in the basement. And I still jump into my bed so the guy underneath it doesn't grab me. Scarred for life. 

19.  I rarely read the news because it freaks me out. When I do, I get so upset, angry and want to do something about it. I let myself get way to passionate about the world news and it almost overcomes me. So I make sure I know what's going on and read the headlines. Then I have to look away. 

20.  I have been through and seen some pretty traumatic experiences in my life that have made my testimony stronger. I think Heavenly Father has thrown me through the ringer because I have taken this gospel for granted. I feel like it's almost like he let's me get a little confident (thinking I can do it on my own) and he says "Umm, no, you can't." And he gives me a trial to show me how important my family and relying on him really is. (I know, total cliffhanger, but I think within the next 29 posts it will be covered).

Feel free to join along with me. I think it's fun getting to know fellow bloggers this way.


  1. Coming from a past primary presidency member...I can tell you WE NEED OUR FLOATERS!!! Please don't think you are not needed. Trust me, you are doing so much more than you think you are.

    Oh, and these last few posts have been fun getting to know you!


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