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I keep saying I'm back but...I kind of have a love/hate relationship with my blog. I hate that it takes up time (when I actually post something) but I love being able to write/type/talk and keep a journal of our life. I guess that was my way of saying I really want to keep blogging but it will happen when I'm not chasing Owen. 

We've done some fun activities so far this summer. While Chris is busy at work, we go play! We went to the Hogle Zoo and the Living Aquarium last week. I have maybe three pictures combined. I don't have a camera yet. Dang it. But Owen loves to look at animals and had a blast at the zoo. We also got the Pass of All Passes which includes the Seven Peaks Water park and lots of other game center places. We are so lucky to live in a place where there are so many things to do and see. I would not know how to entertain my kid if we lived in Mesquite. (Props to you moms who come up with things to do everyday!!)

We went hiking up the Grotto. Oh how I don't like Owen's hat. (So creepy)

 We also met up with some old friends that we lived with in Hawaii for a picnic. Owen could not contain himself! He loves pizza!!

 I have an overload of pictures coming. I know that should not make sense since I just said I don't have a camera. These were taken from Chris' awesome phone and I am just now getting them.

I found this site on Pinterest called Pinhole Press. It's wonderful! I wanted to make a family picture book for O but didn't want to hand make and take a lot of time on it so I opted for this. All I had to do was put the pictures and names in. So, so cool!! Check it out!!

Some of these pictures are a little old but I still love it and so does Owen. (Can you see the teething baby marks on the top left?) 

Chris' parents

My ma and pa

Our missionary man!

Becca no longer has braces. YAY!

Shannon was probably 9 months pregnant when I started the book. 
So now we are missing baby Issac.

Pinhole! It cost me about $30..including shipping and handling. So worth the money! This is the one thing he will look at for longer than five minutes. It's great for sacrament meeting. 


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