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4/30 sixteen

4/30 - List ten things you would tell your sixteen year old self if you could.

This is really what I would tell myself, not that I would've listened..

1- You are good enough. Be you, everyone else is taken. Stop comparing. Don't place your self worth in the hands others. You are smart, talented and beautiful just the way you are.

2- Boys are dumb. They will break your heart and make you crazy. Wait til they are home from a mission.

3- Give it your all when it comes to sports and schoolwork.You don't get to go back, so give it all you've got.

4- Sister before misters. Stay true to your loyal girl friends.

5- Be happy. Stop worrying about clothes, friends and homework. It's all good.

6- Do not steady date! It will only lead into trouble and besides, dating a bunch of different guys is way more fun.

7- Treat your family better. Friends will come and go but family is forever.

8- Learn how to build confidence now so you won't be twenty-one and still trying to figure…

3/30- Parents

2/30 Describe your relationship with your parents-

I have a great relationship with my parents. It actually has always been pretty cool. I'm not saying I have always liked them haha but we have always been close. I feel like I can talk to them about anything. I remember jumping in their bed at night and talking, talking, talking about boys, school, sports, etc. They were the first people I told when I was starting to seriously think about marriage with Chris and the way they responded changed our relationship for good. I remember telling my dad and the first thing he said was to pray about it and if I felt it was right, then to do it. (What dad tells his seventeen year old daughter that?! ha) I always knew I could talk to them but that for some reason changed the way I looked at them. They were so supportive and without that response, I know Chris and I would not be married. My mom was scared but didn't question me. That support is still there and always will be. I would say o…

2/30 Things - Fears

2/30Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.  My biggest fear is Owen being kidnapped. I think becoming a parent automatically makes you totally paranoid. I will drive Owen to school everyday and make sure that he is always close to me at the park. Remember the talk about the news? (you can find it here) How I can't watch it without having a panic attack? Ya, I think that's where this fear stems from. I have seen more kidnapping stories since Owen was born. Okay, maybe not, but now I notice them, before I didn't. 

2.  Grasshoppers: Take me swimming with sharks or put a snake around my shoulders but a grasshopper ten feet away will have me running. They are so unpredictable (sharks and snakes probably are also). I guess I've just had to many fly at my face. So gross. 

3. Chris leaving me: (These are not in order) haha One time when I was big and pregnant with O, Chris and I were traveling back from CA and stopped in Primm; it's about 4…

Life with a 1 year old

I am currently working on the next post for the 30 Days blog series but meanwhile things have been busy around here so I thought I'd add another post in. Chris started the Fire Academy. He likes it now. The first week of anything is an adjustment, let alone being told to run five miles. He is working like crazy! He goes into BYU work at 5:30am til about 3 then he heads straight over to Academy until 10:30. So I'm doing the single mom thing. It's a good thing we still live with my family. I have had so much help though so it's alright.

Anyway, this has been life around here lately. Oh and thanks to my new camera (Canon Rebel), all of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!  Chris said it's my birthday and anniversary present for the next five years. haha

This summer I cleaned up my parents yard a little bit, actually a lot. And planted new bushes and bulbs. I think I would love to be a landscape designer/florist. Seriously. It's like therapy for me. Rip the weeds out and…